Petri Nets 2019

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Petri Nets 2019
40th International Conference on Applications and Theory of Petri Nets and Concurrency
Event in series Petri Nets
Dates 2019/06/23 (iCal) - 2019/06/28
Location: Aachen, Germany
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Papers: Submitted 41 / Accepted 23 (56.1 %)
General chairs: Wil van der Aalst
PC chairs: Susanna Donatelli, Stefan Haar
Table of Contents

The 40th annual international Petri Nets conference will be organized by the Process and Data Science (PADS) group at RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, Germany.

General Topics Related to Concurrency
  • Model checking and verification of distributed systems
  • Verification of infinite-state or parametric systems
  • Causality/partial order theory of concurrency
  • Educational issues related to concurrency
  • New developments in the theory of concurrency
  • Modelling of hardware and biological systems
Topics Specific to Petri Nets
  • Analysis and synthesis, structure and behavior of nets
  • System design and model-driven development using nets
  • Relationships between Petri nets and other approaches
  • Net-based semantical, logical and algebraic calculi
  • Higher-level net models (colored nets, timed nets, etc.)
  • Stochastic net models
  • Verification and model checking using nets
  • Process discovery and conformance checking
  • Computer tools for nets
  • Standardization of nets
  • Experience reports describing applications of nets to different kinds of systems and application fields, e.g.:
  • flexible manufacturing systems office automation
  • real-time systems workflows
  • embedded systems process mining
  • biological systems supervisory control
  • health and medical systems protocols and networks
  • environmental systems Internet and web services
  • hardware e-commerce and trading
  • telecommunications programming languages
  • railway networks performance evaluation
  • component-based development operations research
Facts about "Petri Nets 2019"
Acceptance rate56.1 +
Accepted papers23 +
AcronymPetri Nets 2019 +
End dateJune 28, 2019 +
Event in seriesPetri Nets +
Event typeConference +
Has coordinates50° 52' 50", 6° 12' 43"Latitude: 50.880486111111
Longitude: 6.2119388888889
Has general chairWil van der Aalst +
Has location cityAachen +
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Has program chairSusanna Donatelli + and Stefan Haar +
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Start dateJune 23, 2019 +
Submitted papers41 +
Title40th International Conference on Applications and Theory of Petri Nets and Concurrency +