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PST 2010
Dates 2010/08/17 (iCal) - 2010/08/19
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Important dates
Submissions: 2010/04/01
Table of Contents

The PST2010 International Conference on Privacy, Security and Trust (PST) is being held in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, August 17-19, 2010. PST2010 is the eighth such annual conference focusing on PST technologies. PST2010 provides a forum for researchers world-wide to unveil their latest work in privacy, security and trust and to show how this research can be used to enable innovation. This year’s theme is “Privacy, Security and Trust by Design: PbD - The Gold Standard.” With the growth and ubiquity of data in today’s hyper-networked world, the need for trust has become more critical than ever. We need new paradigms that seek to integrate and build privacy, security and trustworthiness directly into technologies and systems from the outset and by default.


Paper submission due: April 3, 2010 Notification of acceptance: May 29, 2010 Final manuscripts due: June 26, 2010

PST2010 will include an Industry Day followed by two days of high-quality research papers whose topics include, but are NOT limited to, the following:

   * Privacy Preserving / Enhancing Technologies
   * Trust Technologies, Technologies for Building Trust in e-Business Strategy
   * Critical Infrastructure Protection
   * Observations of PST in Practice, Society, Policy and Legislation
   * Network and Wireless Security
   * Digital Rights Management
   * Operating Systems Security
   * Identity and Trust management
   * Intrusion Detection Technologies
   * PST and Cloud Computing
   * Secure Software Development and Architecture
   * Human Computer Interaction and PST
   * PST Challenges in e-Services
   * Implications of, and Technologies for, Lawful Surveillance
   * Network Enabled Operations
   * Biometrics, National ID Cards, Identity Theft
   * Advanced Training Tools
   * PST and Web Services / SOA
   * Information Filtering, Data Mining & Knowledge from Data
   * Privacy, Traceability, and Anonymity
   * National Security and Public Safety
   * Trust and Reputation in Self-Organizing Environments
   * Security Metrics
   * Anonymity and Privacy vs. Accountability
   * Recommendation, Reputation and Delivery Technologies
   * Access Control and Capability Delegation
   * Continuous Authentication
   * Representations and Formalizations of Trust in Electronic and Physical Social Systems

High-quality papers in all PST related areas that, at the time of submission, are not under review and have not already been published or accepted for publications elsewhere are solicited. Accepted papers will be accepted as ‘regular’ papers up to 5 pages and with oral presentations, or ‘short’ papers of up to 2 pages with poster presentations. The standard IEEE two-column conference format should be used for all submission. A copy of the IEEE Manuscript Templates for Microsoft Word or LaTeX and additional information about paper submission and conference topics and events can be found at the conference web site. All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceeding, and by IEEE* and will be accessible* via IEEE Xplore Digital Library. Best Paper and Best Student Paper awards will be presented. Some travel grants to students who are presenting their work in the conference will also be made available.

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