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Symposium on Principles of Database Systems
Categories: Database
Avg. acceptance rate: 23.7
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Symposium on Principles of Database Systems (PODS) has an average acceptance rate of 23.7% .


The following events of the series PODS are currently known in this wiki:

 OrdinalFromToCityCountryGeneral chairPC chairAcceptance rateAttendees
PODS 2020Jun 14Jun 19PortlandUSA
PODS 2017May 14May 19RaleighUSA
PODS 2016Jun 26Jan 7San FranciscoUSA33.0
PODS 2015May 31Apr 6MelbourneAustralia31.3
PODS 2014Jun 22Jun 27SnowbirdUSA32.8
PODS 2013Jun 22Jun 27New YorkUSA24.7
PODS 2012May 20May 24ScottsdaleUSA25.7
PODS 2011Dec 6Jun 16AthensGreece22.1
PODS 2010Jun 6Nov 6IndianapolisUSA23.9
PODS 2009Jun 29Feb 7ProvidenceUSA26.8
PODS 2008Sep 6Nov 6VancouverCanada17.6
PODS 2007Nov 6Jun 13BeijingChina15.0
PODS 2006Jun 26Jun 28ChicagoUSA18.9
PODS 2005Jun 13Jun 15BaltimoreUSA20.4
PODS 2004Jun 14Jun 16ParisFrance16.4
PODS 2003Sep 6Dec 6San DiegoUSA19.9
PODS 2002Mar 6May 6MadisonUSA22.0
PODS 2001May 21May 23Santa BarbaraUSA26.3
PODS 2000May 15May 17DallasUSA21.8
PODS 1999May 31Feb 6PhiladephiaUSA27.6
PODS 1998Jan 6Mar 6SeattleUSA23.5
PODS 1997Dec 5May 14TucsonUSA19.5
PODS 1996Mar 6May 6MontrealCanada26.2
PODS 1995May 22May 25San JoseUSA26.6
PODS 1994May 24May 26MinneapolisUSA23.9
PODS 1993May 25May 28WashingtonUSA22.6
PODS 1992Feb 6Apr 6San DiegoUSA
PODS 1991May 29May 31DenverUSA
PODS 1990Feb 4Apr 4NashvilleUSA
PODS 1989Mar 29Mar 31PhiladelphiaUSA
PODS 1988Mar 21Mar 23AustinUSA
PODS 1987Mar 23Mar 25San DiegoUSA
PODS 1986Mar 24Mar 26CambridgeUSA
PODS 1985Mar 25Mar 27PortlandUSA
PODS 1984Feb 4Apr 4WaterlooCanada
PODS 1983Mar 21Mar 23AtlantaUSA
PODS 1982Mar 29Mar 31Los AngelesUSA




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Facts about "PODS"
EventSeries acronymPODS +
FieldCategory:Database +
Has Average Acceptance Rate23.7 +
IsAEventSeries +
TitleSymposium on Principles of Database Systems +