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NetDB 2008
4th International Workshop on Networking Meets Databases
Dates Apr 7, 2008 (iCal) - Apr 7, 2008
Location: Cancun, Mexico
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Important dates
Submissions: Nov 30, 2007
Table of Contents

The Fourth International Workshop on Networking Meets Databases (NetDB '08) will bring together researchers in the networking and database communities. The growth of many areas�??from sensor networks, to peer-to-peer systems and networks designed using database principles (and vice versa), to network monitoring systems that depend on advanced data management and analysis capabilities�?? suggests a blurring of the boundaries between database and networking research and the need for research that spans the two disciplines. The goal of the workshop is to promote discussion of ideas that will influence and foster continued research that draws heavily from both communities. The workshop will provide a venue for researchers to discuss key challenges and present new ideas that can significantly impact both communities.

We encourage submissions across the broad range of topics that lie at the intersection of networking and databases. In particular, we encourage papers that examine new opportunities for crossover and collaboration between networking and database researchers. Topics of interest in this context include but are not limited to:

    * Network algorithms and theory applied to database systems
    * Data models, query models, and query languages for networking
    * Archiving and analysis of network data
    * Data analysis for network traffic estimation and security
    * Data mining and retrieval in widely distributed systems
    * Database support for network management
    * Placement, indexing, caching, and replication techniques for wide-area storage
    * Network monitoring using database systems
    * Privacy issues in network monitoring
    * Design, implementation, and experience with wide-area data management
    * Distributed stream processing and dissemination
    * Query planning, execution, and optimization in networked systems
    * Transaction management for peer-to-peer networks
    * Query evaluation using network hardware
    * Cross-layer optimization of databases and networks

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