NSAD 2016

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NSAD 2016
6th Workshop on Numerical and Symbolic Abstract Domains
Dates Sep 11, 2016 (iCal) - Sep 11, 2016
Homepage: www.nsad16.di.univr.it/
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
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Important dates
Submissions: Jun 10, 2016
Notification: July 18, 2016
Camera ready due: August 08, 2016
Table of Contents

Abstract domains are a key notion in Abstract Interpretation theory and practice. They embed the semantic choices, data structures and algorithmic aspects, and implementation decisions. The Abstract Interpretation framework provides constructive and systematic formal methods to design, compose, compare, study, prove, and apply abstract domains. Many abstract domains have been designed so far: numerical domains (intervals, congruences, polyhedra, polynomials, etc.), symbolic domains (shape domains, trees, etc.), but also domain operators (products, powersets, completions, etc.), which have been applied to several kinds of static analyses (safety, termination, probability, etc.). The 6th International Workshop on Numerical and Symbolic Abstract Domains is intended to discuss on-going work and ideas in the field.


  • numeric abstract domain
  • symbolic abstract domains
  • extrapolations and accelerations
  • design of abstract transformers
  • compositions and operations on abstract domains
  • data structures and algorithms for abstract domains
  • novel applications of abstract domains implementations
  • practical experiments and comparisons


Important Dates


Facts about "NSAD 2016"
AcronymNSAD 2016 +
Camera ready dueAugust 8, 2016 +
End dateSeptember 11, 2016 +
Event typeWorkshop +
Has PC memberLiqian Chen +, Mila Dalla Preda +, Isabella Mastroeni +, Matt Might +, Sylvie Putot +, Edward Robbins +, Axel Simon + and Damiano Zanardini +
Has coordinates55° 57' 12", -3° 11' 18"Latitude: 55.953344444444
Longitude: -3.188375
Has location cityEdinburgh +
Has location countryCategory:Scotland +
Homepagehttp://www.nsad16.di.univr.it/ +
IsAEvent +
NotificationJuly 18, 2016 +
Start dateSeptember 11, 2016 +
Submission deadlineJune 10, 2016 +
Title6th Workshop on Numerical and Symbolic Abstract Domains +