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9th International Conference on New Technologies of Distributed Systems
Dates Jun 29, 2009 (iCal) - Jul 3, 2009
Location: Montréal, QC, Canada
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Important dates
Submissions: Jan 10, 2009
Notification: Mar 7, 2009
Camera ready due: Mar 21, 2009
Table of Contents


NOTERE 2009 solicits submissions on all topics related to New technologies and distributed systems, including but not limited to the following :

 Internet Computing, Web applications and Web services

 Scalable and Reliable Distributed Servers

 Distributed and modular Ontologies

 Collaborative applications

 Operating systems and Middleware

 Distributed algorithms

 Communication protocols and architectures

 Event-based, Publish/Subscribe and Message-Oriented Middleware

 Existing paradigms revisited: object, component, aspect, agent

 Privacy, Trust, and Security is Distributed Systems

 Context Awareness and Self-Adaptation

 Fault-Tolerance and dependability

 Sensor networks and Ubiquitous computing

 Peer to Peer systems, Wireless, Mobile ad Hoc Networks

 Data Placement and Storage in Distributed and Mobile Environments

 Distributed and Wireless Multimedia Systems

 Routing and Management in Mobile Wireless Networks

 Distributed data management, Policy-Based management

 Coordination Models for Distributed and Mobile Collaboration

 Cross-Organizational Process Support and Contracts

 Multi Agents system

 Formal methods and tools, UML/sys UML

 Industrial experiences with Web technologies


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