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NLPW 2008
IEEE Computer: Natural Language Processing and the Web
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Important dates
Submissions: Mar 5, 2008
Notification: Jun 6, 2008
Table of Contents

Natural Language Processing and the Web
Convocatoria:  	hasta el 05/03/2008
Contacto	Dragomir Radev ( and Mirella Lapata (

The Web contains more than 10 billion indexable text pages (, accessible mostly through keyword-based search engines. This special issue aims to foretell how natural-language-processing technology will make better use of the Web in the near future.

The mere use of Web data isn�??t sufficient to make a paper relevant to this special issue. Instead, we want papers that focus on innovative uses of the Web as a (large-scale, distributed, hyperlinked, evolving, and multilingual) corpus and on building state-of-the-art natural-language interfaces to search engines. Papers should also go beyond word counting and get into issues of parsing, semantics, dialogue, and so on. In addition, papers should integrate information from multiple genres of Web documents (such as personal pages, news sites, blogs, Wikipedia articles).

We�??re soliciting papers on these topics:

    * information extraction from Web pages,
    * corpus studies using the Web,
    * multilingual access to the Web,
    * mining Web sites such as blogs and social networks,
    * subjectivity analysis of Web pages,
    * lexicon and paraphrase acquisition studies using the Web,
    * language modeling using the Web as training data,
    * Web-based question answering, and
    * natural-language interfaces to the Web.

Important Dates

    * Submissions due for review: 5 Mar. 2008
    * Notification of acceptance: 6 June 2008
    * Final version submitted: 20 June 2008
    * Issue publication: Sept. 2008

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be 3,500 to 7,500 words (counting a standard figure or table as 200 words) and should follow the magazines style and presentation guidelines (see References should be limited to 15 citations. To submit a manuscript, access the IEEE Computer Society Web-based system, Manuscript Central, at


Contact Guest Editors Dragomir Radev ( and Mirella Lapata (

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