MUD 2008

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MUD 2008
Management of Uncertain Data
Dates Aug 24, 2008 (iCal) - Aug 24, 2008
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
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Important dates
Submissions: May 1, 2008
Notification: Jun 23, 2008
Table of Contents

The aim of the workshop on Management of Uncertain Data is to provide a forum to share original ideas as well as research results and practical development experiences among researchers and application developers. In this workshop we want to explore the various aspects of uncertainty in data as well as techniques how to handle them in the domain of databases. In particular, we are interested in discussing the different kinds of uncertainty, different models for uncertainty representation in databases, techniques for querying and updating data involving uncertainty, and the various application areas in which handling uncertain data is involved.
The topics of interest include, but are not limited to

    * Probabilistic Databases
    * Possibilistic Databases
    * Uncertainty in Sensor Data
    * Uncertainty in Preferences
    * Uncertainty in Ontologies
    * Incompleteness and Inconsistency in Databases
    * Database Repairing Techniques
    * Models of Uncertainty in Databases
    * Uncertain Data and Data Integration
    * Operations on Uncertain Data
    * XML and Uncertain Data
    * Querying Uncertain Data
    * Updating Uncertain Data
    * Indexing Techniques for Uncertain Data
    * Optimization Issues pertaining to Uncertain Data
    * Uncertainty Reduction Techniques
    * Applications of Uncertain Data 

Important Dates
Submission: May 1st 2008
Notification: Jun 23rd 2008
Camera ready: July 6th 2008

Program Committee
To be announced

Organizing Committee
Ander de Keijzer (University of Twente, The Netherlands)
Maurice van Keulen (University of Twente, The Netherlands)

Contact information:
Ander de Keijzer
Database Group, University of Twente
e-mail: a.keijzer (at) utwente (dot) nl

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