MSR 2009

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MSR 2009
6th International Working Conference on Mining Software Repositories
Event in series MSR
Dates 2009/05/16 (iCal) - 2009/05/17
Location: Vancouver, Canada
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Important dates
Abstracts: 2009/01/05
Submissions: 2009/01/09
Notification: 2009/02/06
Camera ready due: 2009/02/17
Table of Contents

Software repositories such as source control systems, archived communications between project personnel, and defect tracking systems are used to help manage the progress of software projects. Software practitioners and researchers are recognizing the benefits of mining this information to support the maintenance of software systems, improve software design/reuse, and empirically validate novel ideas and techniques. Research is now proceeding to uncover the ways in which mining these repositories can help to understand software development and software evolution, to support predictions about software development, and to exploit this knowledge concretely in planning future development.

The goal of this two-day working conference is to advance the science and practice of software engineering via the analysis of data stored in software repositories.

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I agree with much that you say but there are better ways of doing it' is all very well for a tenichcally minded (and professionally aligned) person. The whole reason why we have institutional repositories is because various people (like Tom Cochrane at QUT in the late 1990s/early 2000s) waited around for disciplines to get their act together to create subject repositories for themselves. These of course are relevant and developed to address the needs of the specific area. But most disciplines didn't. There is no subject repository for Psychology, or Education, or Business all areas with large numbers of practictioners out there in the real world. It is not just people doing research that need access to this material, not just people who are already involved in Wikis and mashups, it is people working in a field who hear about something and want to have a look at the source material. So what do we do, us institutions? Sit around and wait for even longer?Dr Danny KingsleyManager, Scholarly Publications and ePublishingAustralian National University

Important Dates

  • Abstracts due (research/poster papers): Mon 5 Jan 2009 (11:59pm Apia Time)
  • Submission deadline (research/poster papers): Fri 9 Jan 2009
  • Notifications sent out: Fri 6 Feb 2009
  • Camera-ready copy due: Tues 17 Feb 2009
  • Conference dates: Sat/Sun 16-17 May 2009

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