MOHB 2008

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MOHB 2008
Genetic Analyis: model organisms to human biology 2
Dates Jan 5, 2008 (iCal) - Jan 9, 2008
Location: San Diego, CA, USA
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Important dates
Submissions: Nov 14, 2007
Table of Contents

Abstract Submission Overview

 Important Dates:

    * Abstract Submission Deadline - November 14, 2007 (Midnight, US ET)  
    * Abstract Revision Deadline - November 14, 2007 (Midnight, US ET)  
    * Abstract Withdrawal Deadline - November 18, 2007  
    * Advance Meeting Registration Deadline - December 3, 2007  
    * Hotel Reservation Deadline - December 3, 2007  

n Be Informed and Submit Early

- Read the brief "General Rules for Abstract Submission".

- Review "Frequently Asked Questions and Answers" before you begin entering information.

- Abstracts for the meeting may be submitted only through the Web form available when you click on "Submit a New Abstract" on the previous screen.

- Abstracts submitted on paper, by fax or by e-mail will not be accepted.

n Compatible Browser = Best Results

- You must use a browser that is compatible with one of the following: Netscape 4.XX (or greater) or MS Internet Explorer 4.XX (or greater). Information on downloading either browser free of charge is available by clicking on "Submit a New Abstract" on the previous screen. Do not attempt to submit your abstract using any other browser.

n Enter, Proofread, Submit

- As you progress through the abstract submission program, use your tab key to advance to the next entry.

- The Web form is designed in HTML text formatting language. Codes for special characters, including Greek letters, italics, and sub- and superscripts, are provided. To view some examples of HTML codes click on: HTML.

- You may check the size of your abstract by character count as you enter information in section 5 and again prior to submission. Abstracts in excess of 2,370 characters (including spaces and hard returns, but not including commands for special characters) will not be accepted and you will be asked to edit your text before submitting.

-See complete instructions for presenting data in table format by clicking on "Add a Table" in section 5 of the submission program. To ensure that your table will be presented accurately, please fax a copy of your table as you want it to appear to Krista Koziol, publications manager, at (301) 634-7079, by November 14. Include the abstract control number assigned when you submitted your abstract, name of the presenting author, telephone number or e-mail address, and title of your abstract.

-Graphics and halftones cannot be submitted as part of your abstract.

- Please proofread all entries and make final changes before you submit. GSA staff will not make corrections to submitted abstracts.

n Quick Confirmation Provided

- Once you have successfully submitted your abstract, your information will appear on screen along with an abstract control number and a personal ID number. Print this screen and save it as your record of abstract submission.

-Important: The abstract control number and personal ID number are proof of successful submission - if you do not receive both, then your abstract submission was not received and it will not be processed or be included in the program publications. You will not receive an e-mailed confirmation of successful abstract submission.

n Revise if Necessary

- Revisions may be submitted now through midnight Eastern USA time on November 14. There will be no exception to the revision deadline of November 14.

- Abstracts may be revised by clicking on "Revise a Previously Submitted Abstract" on the previous screen.

- Your abstract control number and personal ID number, assigned when you submit your original abstract, are required to revise your abstract.

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