MMM 2020

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MMM 2020
26th International Conference on Multimedia Modeling
Event in series MMM
Dates 2020/01/05 (iCal) - 2020/01/08
Twitter account: @Mmm2020C
Location: Daejeon, South Korea
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Papers: Submitted 241 / Accepted 141 (58.5 %)
General chairs: Yong Man Ro, Wen-Huang Cheng
PC chairs: Junmo Kim, Wei-Ta Chu, Peng Cui
Panel Chair: Shin'ichi Satoh, Guo-Jun Qi
Seminars Chair: Jitao Sang, Jinah Park
Demo chairs: Munchurl Kim, Kai-Lung Hua
Table of Contents
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26th International Conference on Multimedia Modeling January 5-8, 2020 / Daejeon, Korea

  • Topics
* Multimedia Content Analysis
* Multimedia Indexing
* Multimedia Mining
* Multimedia Abstraction and Summarisation
* Multimedia Annotation, Tagging and Recommendation
* Multimodal Analysis for Retrieval Applications
* Semantic Analysis of Multimedia and Contextual Data
* Multimedia Fusion Methods
* Media Content Linking and Threading Methods
* Media Content Browsing and Retrieval Tools
* Multimedia Signal Processing and Communications
* Media Representation and Algorithms
* Audio, Image, Video Processing, Coding and Compression
* Multimedia Sensors and Interaction Modes
* Multimedia Privacy, Security and Content Protection
* Multimedia Standards and Related Issues
* Advances in Multimedia Networking and Streaming
* Multimedia Databases, Content Delivery and Transport
* Wireless and Mobile Multimedia Networking
* Multimedia Applications and Services
* Multi-Camera and Multi-View Systems
* Augmented and Virtual Reality, Virtual Environments
* Real-Time and Interactive Multimedia Applications
* Mobile Multimedia Applications
* Multimedia Web Applications
* Multimedia Authoring and Personalisation
* Interactive Multimedia and Interfaces
* Sensor Networks (Video Surveillance, Distributed Systems)
* Social and Educational Multimedia Applications
* Emerging Trends (e-learning, e-Health, Multimedia Collaboration, etc.)