MExpo 2009

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MExpo 2009
Multicore and Multimedia Expo
Dates Mar 16, 2009 (iCal) - Mar 19, 2009
Location: Santa Clara, CA
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Important dates
Submissions: Feb 20, 2009
Camera ready due: Mar 6, 2009
Table of Contents

Multicore Development and Design Tools - Whether starting from scratch or attempting to migrate decades' worth of legacy applications to multicore technology, system developers need effective hardware and software tools. Presentations should focus on how to use these tools, preferably discussing how to apply them to real application examples.

Multicore Architectures and Processors - While Moore's law makes it possible to build processors with many cores, significant challenges such as interconnects, memory hierarchies, power management, must be overcome to design multicore processors. Presentations should elaborate on the advanced features being implemented to take advantage of the tremendous performance gains possible with multicore technology.

System-Level Multicore Implementations - Unleash the power of multicore! We're looking for presentations that describe case studies demonstrating clever ways in which multicore technology is used in real systems.

Hypervisors and Virtual Machine Technology - Virtualization technology is playing an ever-increasing role in embedded platforms to provide a high-level operating-system interface for application programming, while maintaining traditional real-time operating system (RTOS) APIs. Presentations should provide the practical details for how system developers can effectively implement this important capability into their multicore platforms.

Embedded Graphics and Multimedia - Whether it's for mobile phones, navigation systems, in-car multimedia electronics, Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs), UltraMobile PCs (UMPC), HDTV, or set top boxes, embedded graphics and multimedia are essential drivers. Although multicore is often an inherent technology used in embedded graphics and multimedia, presentations can encompass all hardware and software aspects of implementing this eye-opening capability.

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