META 2008

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META 2008
NATO Advanced Research Workshop: Metamaterials for Secure Information and Communication Technologies
Dates May 7, 2008 (iCal) - May 7, 2008
Location: Marrakesh, Morocco
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Important dates
Submissions: Dec 22, 2007
Table of Contents

Metamaterials represent a truly multidisciplinary research area spanning the bridge from basic theoretical and experimental research at universities to industrial production of a diverse spectrum of electrical, microwave, infrared and optical materials and devices.

META�??08 will cover a broad scope of topics ranging from the fundamental electromagnetic theory of metamaterials and related materials and structures to novel types of microwave and optical devices and components. Special attention will be given to applications of these innovative materials in secure wireless and optical communication systems, antennas, high-speed circuits, optical sensing, nanoscale imaging and cloaking.

META'08 topics include, but are not limited to:

    *      Fundamental and applied aspects of waves in structured, periodic and disordered metamaterials.
    *      Electromagnetic properties of complex materials including photonic and plasmonic band gap materials, negative-index materials, frequency selective surfaces, high impedance structures and novel composites with unusual electromagnetic properties.
    *      Modelling, fabrication and characterization of complex materials and surfaces.
    *      Metamaterials and periodic structures technologies and applications.

META'08 will be the foremost place to learn about the most important developments in the field of Metamaterials. 

30 June 2007 	First Call for Papers
24 September  2007   	Second Call for Papers
22 December  2007 	Deadline for Submission of abstracts
28 January 2008 	Notification of acceptance
11 February 2008 	Submission of final manuscript and registration
7-10 May 2008  	Meta�??08 in Marrakesh

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