LREC 2020

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LREC 2020
12th Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation
Event in series LREC
Dates 2020/05/11 (iCal) - 2020/05/16
Twitter account: @lrec2020
Submitting link:
Location: Marseille, France
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Important dates
Workshops: 2019/10/24
Posters: 2019/11/25
Submissions: 2019/11/25
Organizers: European Language Resource Association (ELRA), Antonio Zampolli” (ILC-CNR), Asian Federation of Natural Language Processing (AFNLP), AILC, ATALA, CLARIN, ILCB
General chairs: António Branco, Nicoletta Calzolari, Khalid Choukri, Gertjan van Noord, Piek Vossen
PC chairs: Stelios Piperidis, Nicoletta Calzolari, Frédéric Béchet, Christopher Cieri, Hitoshi Isahara, Bente Maegaard
PC members: Piek Vossen, Gilles Adda, Eneko Agirre, Francis Bond, António Branco, Nicoletta Calzolari, Khalid Choukri, Kevin Cohen, Thierry Declerck, Nancy Ide, Antske Fokkens, Karën Fort, Cyril Grouin, Mark Liberman
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To continue the efforts initiated at LREC 2014 about “Sharing LRs” (data, tools, web-services, etc.), authors will have the possibility, when submitting a paper, to upload LRs in a special LREC repository. This effort of sharing LRs, linked to the LRE Map for their description, may become a new “regular” feature for conferences in our field, thus contributing to creating a common repository where everyone can deposit and share data.

As scientific work requires accurate citations of referenced work so as to allow the community to understand the whole context and also replicate the experiments conducted by other researchers, LREC 2020 endorses the need to uniquely identify LRs through the use of the International Standard Language Resource Number (ISLRN,, a Persistent Unique Identifier to be assigned to each Language Resource.


  • Issues in the design, construction and use of LRs: text, speech, sign, gesture, image, in single or multimodal/multimedia data
  • Exploitation of LRs in systems and applications
  • Issues in LT evaluation
  • General issues regarding LRs & Evaluation