KSEM 2020

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KSEM 2020
International Conference on Knowledge Science, Engineering and Management
Event in series KSEM
Dates 2020/08/28 (iCal) - 2020/08/30
Homepage: http://ksem2020.org/
Location: Hangzhou, Online
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Important dates
Papers: 2020/04/16
Submissions: 2020/04/16
Notification: 2020/05/25
Camera ready due: 2020/06/10
General chairs: Hai Jin, Xuemin Lin, Xun Wang
PC chairs: Gang Li, Hengtao Shen, Ye Yuan
Table of Contents

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Topics of Interest

The conference committee invites submissions of applied or theoretical research as well as of application-oriented papers on all the topics of KSEM. Topics include, but are not limited to the following:

Knowledge Science

• Knowledge representation and reasoning

• Logics of knowledge; formal analysis of knowledge; reasoning about knowledge

• Knowledge complexity and knowledge metrics

• Common sense knowledge; non-monotonic reasoning

• Uncertainty in knowledge (randomness, fuzziness, roughness, vagueness)

• Machine learning

• Formal ontologies

• Integration of machine learning and knowledge representation

• Reasoning about knowledge in the presence of inconsistency, incompleteness and context-dependency

• Belief revision and updates

• Cognitive foundations of knowledge

• Knowledge in complex systems (e.g. economical and quantum systems)

• Game-theoretical aspects of knowledge; knowledge in multi-agent systems

Knowledge Engineering

• Knowledge extraction from texts/big data/Web

• Knowledge discovery from very large databases

• Knowledge integration

• Knowledge-based software engineering

• Knowledge-based systems in life sciences

• Conceptual modelling in knowledge-based systems

• Semantic database systems

• Semantic Web: Content and ontological engineering

• Knowledge engineering applications

Knowledge Management

• Knowledge creation and acquisition

• Knowledge verification and validation

• Knowledge dissemination

• Knowledge management systems

• Knowledge and data integration

• Knowledge adaptation

• Knowledge management best practices and applications

Knowledge Graphs

• Probabilistic Knowledge Graphs

• Knowledge graph construction

• Knowledge graph query

• Knowledge graph storage, query and management

• Learning on knowledge graphs

• Knowledge graph embedding

• Knowledge graph completion

• Knowledge graph link prediction

• Knowledge graph applications