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KES IDT 2009
1st KES International Symposium on Intelligent Decision Technologies and Applications
Dates Apr 23, 2009 (iCal) - Apr 25, 2009
Location: Himeji, Japan
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Important dates
Submissions: Nov 15, 2008
Notification: Dec 15, 2009
Camera ready due: Jan 10, 2009
Table of Contents

1st KES International Symposium on 
Himeji, Japan
April 23-25, 2009

KES-IDT-2009 is an international scientific symposium for research in the field of intelligent technologies related to decision making. The aim of the symposium is to provide an internationally respected forum for scientific research in technologies and applications related to decision making such as agents, multi-agent systems, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms, neural networks, and expert systems.

Intelligent decision technologies include a broad range of methodologies with the potential to support human and automated decision making.  The focus is interdisciplinary in nature, and includes all aspects from fundamental development to applied systems.? This symposium will provide an excellent opportunity for researchers to discuss modern approaches and techniques for intelligent decision technologies and their applications.

KES-IDT-2009 is organized by the University of Hyogo and Himeji City in conjunction with KES International.  The conference will take place in Himeji, Japan.  Accepted papers will be published by Springer as a chapter in a book, and outstanding papers will be reviewed for publication in Intelligent Decision Technologies: An International Journal (IDT) published by IOSPress.

Theoretical and applied papers are of interest.  Authors should relate their topic to improving some aspect of decision making.  Topics related to intelligent decision making include, but are not limited to, intelligent agents, fuzzy logic, multi-agent systems, artificial neural networks, genetic algorithms, expert systems, intelligent decision making support systems, information retrieval systems, geographic information systems, knowledge management systems, learning systems, multicriteria systems.
Applications - Management, international business, finance, accounting, marketing, healthcare, medical and diagnostic systems, military decisions, production and operation, networks, traffic management, crisis response, human-machine interfaces, financial and stock market monitoring and prediction, robotics.
Emerging IDTs - Virtual decision environments, social networking, 3D human-machine interfaces, cognitive interfaces, collaborative systems, intelligent web mining, e-commerce, e-learning, e-business, bioinformatics, evolvable systems, virtual humans, designer drugs.

Submission of papers: 15 Nov. 2008
Notification of acceptance: 15 Dec. 2008
Final papers to be received: 10 Jan. 2009
Authors / Early registration: 12 Jan. 2009
Symposium: 23 - 25 April 2009

KES-IDT-09 website ?


Postal Address:- 
KES International_2nd Floor, 
145-157 St John Street London
EC1V 4PY United Kingdom

Best regards,
KES-IDT-09 Organizing Committee

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