JICT 2009

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JICT 2009
Journal of Information and Communication Technology
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Homepage: www.engineering-press.org/journals/jict/cfp.htm
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Table of Contents

JICT is a refereed journal in the field of information and communication technology (ICT), providing an international forum for professionals, engineers and researchers. JICT reports the new paradigms in this emerging field of technology and envisions the future developments in the frontier areas. The journal addresses issues for the vertical and horizontal applications in this area. 

Journal of Information and Communication Technology,ISSN 2072-1471 (Print) is Published in 4 issues per year by Internatonal Computer Science Publisher. 

Suitable topics for submission include but are not limited to the following areas: 

Information theory and coding 
Information security 
IT and network security 
Internet and web based systems and products 
Data mining and data warehousing 
Computer network planning and design 
Computer network administration 
Sensor/ad hoc networks 
Human-computer intelligent interaction 
Computational linguistics 
Distributed and cooperative media 
Interactive communication media and contents 
Social interaction 
Mobile communication 
Signal representation and processing 
Digital speech and image processing 
Virtual reality 
Aids for the disabled 
Artificial intelligence 
ICT infrastructure standards and security 
ICT Act and cyber law 
Microprocessor interfacing and hardware design 
Computer control of industrial processes 
Networking-enterprise applications 
Rural applications of IT 
Biomedical applications

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