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JETWI 2009
Journal of Emerging Technologies in Web Intelligence
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Dear Colleagues
It is our pleasure to announce the birth of the Journal of Emerging Technologies in Web Intelligence (JETWI) (ISSN 1798-0461) published by the Academy Publisher in Finland. This journal is a team work of the distinguished editorial board along with the Academy Publisher to respond to the emerging research needs in the evolving area of Web Intelligence and related Technologies. The aim, scope and the targets of this journal are listed below.
You can visit JETWI Web Site on:
****JETWI Aims****
Following the introduction of the phrase "Web 2.0" as a description of the recent evolution of the Web, the term "Emergent Web Intelligence or Web 3.0" has been introduced to hypothesize about a future wave of Internet innovation. Views on the next stage of the World Wide Web's evolution vary greatly, from the concept of emerging technologies such as the Semantic Web transforming the way the Web is used (and leading to new possibilities in artificial intelligence) to the observation that increases in Internet connection speeds, modular web applications, and advances in computer graphics will play the key role in the evolution of the World Wide Web. 
JETWI aims at gathering the latest advances of various topics in web intelligence and reporting how organizations can gain competitive advantages by applying the different emergent techniques in the real-world scenarios. Papers and studies which couple the intelligence techniques and theories with specific web technology problems are mainly targeted. Survey and tutorial articles that emphasize the research and application of web intelligence in a particular domain are also welcomed.
Topics includes‚
- Web 3.0
- Enterprise Mashup
- Ambient Intelligence (AmI)
- Situational Applications
- Emerging Web-based Systems
- Context Aware Ubiquitous Computing
- Web 2.0 and Social intelligence
- Web Information Filtering and Retrieval
- Web Mining and Farming
- Wisdom Web
- Web Security
- Information Filtering and Access Control Models
- Web Services and Semantic Web
- Human-Web Interaction
- E-Applications and AI Systems
- Web Technologies and Protocols
- Web Agents and Agent-based Systems
- Agent Self-organization, Learning, and Adaptation
- Agent-based Knowledge Discovery
- Agent-mediated Markets
- Knowledge Grid and Grid intelligence
- Knowledge Management, Networks, and Communities
- Agent Infrastructure and Architecture
- Agent Self-organization, Learning, and Adaptation
- Agent-based Knowledge Discovery
- Agent-mediated Markets
- Autonomy-oriented or Autonomic Computing
- Cooperative Problem Solving
- Distributed Intelligence and Emergent Behaviour
- Evaluation and Standards for Agent-based Web Intelligence Technologies
- Information Ecology
- Knowledge Grid and Grid intelligence
- Mediators and Middleware
- Granular Computing for the Web
- Ontology Engineering
- Personalization Techniques
- Semantic Web, Web services Flow and Integrity
- Web based Support Systems
- Web based Information Retrieval Support Systems
- Web Services, Services Discovery & Composition
****Target Audience****
The primary target audience for the journal includes researchers, scholars, postgraduate students and developers who are interested in Web intelligence and Emerging Technologies research and related issues. The journal will provide reviews of the cutting-edge technologies and insights for using intelligence at Web-based systems. In particular, the journal will be valuable library reference for research fellows, postgraduate and senior undergraduate students who are researching Web intelligence. Moreover, the new journal seeks to collaborate with major societies and international conferences in the fields.
You are kindly invited to send your valuable research work to JETWI as the preparations to produce the first issue is already started.

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