IWSW 2016

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IWSW 2016
2nd International Workshop on Semantic Web
Event in series International Workshop on Semantic Web
Dates Nov 2, 2016 (iCal) - Nov 2, 2016
Homepage: http://iwsw2016.blogspot.de/
Location: Havana, Cuba
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Important dates
Papers: 2016/06/01
Submissions: Jun 1, 2016
Table of Contents

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Topics of interest include, but not limited to: - Management of Semantic Web Data and Linked Data . - Robust and scalable knowledge management and reasoning on the Web . - Languages, tools, and methodologies for representing and managing Semantic Web data . - Database, IR, NLP and AI technologies for the Semantic Web . - Search, query, integration, and analysis on the Semantic Web . - Ontology engineering and ontology patterns for the Semantic Web . - User Interfaces to the Semantic Web . - Social networks and processes on the Semantic Web . - Publication and Consumption of Linked Data .


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