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10th International Workshop on Advanced Ground Penetrating Radar
Event in series IWAGPR
Dates 2019/09/08 (iCal) - 2019/09/12
Location: The Hague, Netherlands
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IWAGPR 2019 is the 10th edition of the biennial series of the International Workshop on Advanced Ground Penetrating Radar. Its aim is to bring together scientists, engineers, industrial delegates and end-users working in all GPR areas, ranging from fundamental electromagnetics to the numerous fields of applications.

  • Topics include but are not limited to:
  • Novel developments in GPR systems, antennas and observation modalities;
  • Advanced data and image processing algorithms;
  • Forward modelling techniques and inversion methodologies;
  • Archaeology and cultural heritage;
  • Engineering and Geotechnical applications: e.g. utility detection, road and pavement inspection, structural evaluation, NDT, tunnelling and mining;
  • Geological applications: e.g. geology, sedimentology, hydrogeophysics, soil contamination, glaciology, and planetary exploration;
  • Security applications, unexploded ordnance and landmine detection.
Facts about "IWAGPR 2019"
AcronymIWAGPR 2019 +
End dateSeptember 12, 2019 +
Event in seriesIWAGPR +
Event typeWorkshop +
Has coordinates52° 4' 48", 4° 18' 41"Latitude: 52.079983333333
Longitude: 4.3113472222222
Has location cityThe Hague +
Has location countryCategory:Netherlands +
IsAEvent +
Start dateSeptember 8, 2019 +
Title10th International Workshop on Advanced Ground Penetrating Radar +