IVAPP 2020

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IVAPP 2020
11th International Conference on Information Visualization Theory and Applications
Event in series IVAPP
Subevent of VISIGRAPP
Dates 2020/02/27 (iCal) - 2020/02/29
Homepage: http://www.ivapp.visigrapp.org/?y=2020
Twitter account: https://twitter.com/visappconf
Location: Valletta, Malta
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Important dates
Papers: 2019/11/15
Submissions: 2019/11/15
Notification: 2019/12/20
Accepted short papers: 118
Papers: Submitted 455 / Accepted 79 (17.4 %)
Organizers: L-Università ta' Malta
General chairs: Jose Braz
PC chairs: Andreas Kerren, Christophe Hurter
Keynote speaker: Matthias Niessner, Anthony Steed, Alan Chalmers, Helen Purchase
Table of Contents


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11th International Conference on Information Visualization Theory and Applications IVAPP


Area 1: Abstract Data Visualization:

  • Visual Data Analysis and Knowledge Discovery
  • Mathematical Foundations of Interactive Visual Analysis
  • Display and Interaction Technology
  • Databases and Visualization, Visual Data Mining
  • Graph Visualization
  • Interface and Interaction Techniques for Visualization
  • Internet, Web and Security Visualization
  • Software Visualization
  • Information Visualization
  • Visual Analytical Reasoning
  • Hardware-Assisted Visualization
  • High-Dimensional Data and Dimensionality Reduction
  • Text and Document Visualization
  • Visual Representation and Interaction
  • Data Management and Knowledge Representation
  • Explainable Machine Learning by Visualization

Area 2: General Data Visualization:

  • Interactive Visual Interfaces for Visualization
  • Perception and Cognition in Visualization
  • Visualization Applications
  • Visualization Taxonomies and Models
  • Visualization Algorithms and Technologies
  • Visualization Tools and Systems for Simulation and Modeling
  • Augmented Reality and Data Visualization
  • Mixed Reality and Data Visualization
  • Immersive Analytics
  • Time-Dependent Visualization
  • Usability Studies and Visualization
  • Glyph-Based Visualization
  • Human-Centered Aspects of Visualization
  • Coordinated and Multiple Views
  • Interpretation and Evaluation Methods
  • Knowledge-Assisted Visualization
  • Large Data Visualization
  • Integration of Data Analysis, Interaction, and Visualization
  • Data Driven Storytelling

Area 3: Spatial Data Visualization:

  • Biomedical Visualization and Applications
  • Vector/Tensor Field Visualization
  • Virtual Environments and Data Visualization
  • Volume Visualization
  • Scientific Visualization
  • Flow Visualization
  • GPU-based Visualization
  • Image/Video Summarization and Visualization
  • Multi-Field Visualization
  • Parallel Coordinate
  • Uncertainty Visualization