ITSC 2019

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ITSC 2019
IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference
Dates 2019/10/27 (iCal) - 2019/10/30
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
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Important dates
Papers: 2019/04/18
Table of Contents

Call for papers

Topics - the technical areas include but are not limited to:

   Air, Road, Rail and Waterways Transportation Network and Systems
   Big Data and Naturalistic Datasets
   Co-operative Intelligent Transportation Systems (C-ITS)
   Deep Learning
   Emergency Management
   Field Trials, Tests and Deployment
   Fleet Management
   Human Factors and Travel Behaviour
   Intelligent Vehicles
   Interconnected Vehicles and Transportation Systems
   Interoperable Multi-modal Transportation Networks and Systems
   Modelling, Control and Simulation Algorithms and Techniques
   Management of Exceptional Events: Incidents and Evacuation
   Multimodal Transportation Networks and Systems
   Products & Services
   Security, Privacy and Safety Systems
   Sensors, Detectors and Actuators
   Smart Mobility
   Traffic Control and Management


  • General chair:

Ljubo Vlacic, Australia

  • Program co-chairs:

David Fernández Llorca, Spain

Seung-Hyun Kong, South Korea

Jorge Villagrá, Spain

Also known as: IEEE ITSC, IEEE-ITSC, Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference

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