ITMC 2009

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ITMC 2009
IT Management Conference
Dates Oct 14, 2009 (iCal) - Oct 16, 2009
Location: New York City, New York City
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Table of Contents

The IT Management Conference will bring together the most influential IT leaders for three-full-days rich with energy and brainpower. As a speaker, you will have the unique opportunity to network and share knowledge with hundreds of other IT leaders, executives and business owners in a dynamic setting in the heart of Silicon Alley.

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IT Business Management

    * IT Project Management tools, tips & techniques
    * Methodologies and process improvement models (Agile, PMBOK, ITIL, Six Sigma, etc.)
    * Secrets of successfully managing an IT business
    * Keeping techies focused on the business goals
    * Using IT to effectively market IT (social networks, search engine marketing/optimization, etc.)
    * Tools and techniques of managing telecommuters and/or outsourced-work
    * Managing designers and other creative IT staff

Hybrid Biz-Tech Synergy

    * Enterprise 2.0
    * Balancing biz and tech needs and/or acting as liaison between the two
    * IT-based business models
    * Utilizing or integrating social networking
    * A-to-Z steps to building and launching a new web product/service
    * Business case for using and/or contributing to open-source
    * What non-technical management needs to understand about enterprise web technologies
    * IT best-practices

Hands-On Tech

    * The business impact of (or business case for) selecting a specific technology (PHP, Java, Rails, etc.)
    * Leading the development process
    * Managing system administration and/or datacenters
    * Security throughout the enterprise (servers, programming, development process, preventing social engineering, etc.)
    * Planning database architecture so that it can scale with the enterprise

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