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International Semiconductor Technology Conference & China Semiconductor Technology International Conference
Dates Mar 19, 2009 (iCal) - Mar 20, 2009
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Location: shanghai, shanghai
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Important dates
Abstracts: Oct 30, 2008
Submissions: Dec 19, 2008
Table of Contents

Abstract Deadline: October 30, 2008

Contact Email:

Call for Papers

We are soliciting papers from authors around the world on all the aspects of semiconductor technology and manufacturing, including semiconductor Frond-End-of-the-Line (FEOL), Back-End-of-the-Line (BEOL), packaging as well as silicon materials.

ISTC/CSTIC is intended to be the largest annual international conference on semiconductor technology and manufacturing in China. It aims to provide a platform for executives, managers, engineers and researchers to exchange the latest developments in semiconductor technology and manufacturing. It also offers an opportunity for those who are interested in investing in the semiconductor industry in Asia, particularly in China.

Topics to be addressed at ISTC/CSTIC 2009 include, but not limited to the following:

Symposium I: Design and Device Engineering

Symposium II: Metrology, Reliability and Testing

Symposium III: New Materials and Process Integration

Symposium IV: Photolithography

Symposium V: CMP & Cleaning

Symposium VI: Thin Film, Etch and Plating

Symposium VII: Packaging Technology

Symposium VIII: Emerging Semiconductor Technologies

Symposium IX: Silicon Technology for Semiconductor and Electronics Applications

Prospective authors are requested to submit an abstract of 200-250 words and a 100 word biography by Oct. 30, 2008. The abstract must clearly describe the nature, scope, content, organization, key points and significance of the proposed paper, using SEMI templates on the website.

Presentations are to be original, non-commercial in that they focus on the technical merits of a design, a method, a structure, an integration scheme, a material or a process rather than on the individual company’s product benefits. All abstracts will be reviewed by ISTC/CSTIC 2009 committees. Selected speakers will be notified no later than Nov. 20, 2008.

Manuscripts of three to eight pages including diagrams, figures, and photographs, are to be submitted electronically via the conference website or e-mail. The deadline for manuscript submittal is Dec. 19, 2008. English oral presentation materials are required by Feb. 1, 2009. Accepted papers for publication in conference proceedings are subject to co-copywriter with SEMI, who reserves the right to republish, re-sell, and display submitted material in whole or in part.

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