ISMM 2012

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ISMM 2012
International Symposium on Memory Management
Subevent of ACM PLDI 2012
Dates 2012/06/15 (iCal) - 2012/06/16
Location: Beijing, China
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Important dates
Submissions: 2012/02/02
Table of Contents

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  • Memory system correctness, design, and analysis
  • Analysis of heap intensive programs
  • Compiler analyses and tools to aid memory management
  • Program analysis, synthesis, and verification
  • Garbage collection
  • Memory allocation and deallocation
  • Development and evaluation of open source implementations
  • Memory management algorithms, implementation, and correctness

Important Dates

Abstracts are due on February 2, 2012.
Full papers are due on February 7th, 1pm PST, 2012.


General Chair:

       Martin Vechev           ETH Zurich and IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Program Chair:

       Kathryn McKinley        The University of Texas at Austin and Microsoft Research

Program Committee:

       Steve Blackburn         Australian National University
       Dave Detlefs            Microsoft
       Laurent Daynès          Oracle Labs
       Chen Ding               University of Rochester
       David Gay               Google
       David P Grove           IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
       Maria Jump              King's College
       John Regehr             University of Utah
       Zhenlin Wang            Michigan Technological University
       Christian Wimmer        Oracle Labs
       Greta Yorsh             ARM
       Qin Zhao                MIT

Extended Review Committee:

       Emery Berger            University of Massachusetts, Amherst
       Daniel Frampton         Australian National University
       Chandra Krintz          University of California, Santa Barbara
       Simon Marlow            Microsoft Research
       Maged Michael           IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
       Nick Nethercote         Mozilla
       Tomas Petricek          University of Cambridge
       Filip Pizlo             Apple
       Xipeng Shen             College of William and Mary
       Michael Spear           Lehigh University
       Witawas Srisa-an        University of Nebraska
       Eran Yahav              Technion

Local Arrangements Chair:

       Chen Ding               University of Rochester
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