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ISMB BioLINK SIG Text Mining, Image Analysis, and the future of Scientific Publishing
Dates Jun 28, 2009 (iCal) - Jun 29, 2009
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
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Important dates
Submissions: Apr 5, 2009
Camera ready due: May 15, 2009
Table of Contents

Call for Papers

The Ninth Annual Meeting of the ISMB BioLINK Special Interest Group: 
Text Mining, Image Analysis, and the future of Scientific Publishing

In association with ISMB 2009, Stockholm, Sweden.
The BioLINK SIG will take place on Sunday, June 28 – Monday June 29, 2009
See for details and updates.

New this year: The SIG will go beyond text to take into account the analysis 
of images and figures in scientific publications, because of their critical 
information content. Furthermore, we will include a session about the future of 
scientific publishing, and the impact of information extraction methods (be 
they based on text or on images) on producers and consumers of scientific 

With the increasing availability of publications and text related to biology, 
including Medline abstracts and full-text journal articles, the field of biomedical 
text mining has been rapidly maturing. It is concerned with using techniques 
from natural language processing, information extraction and information 
retrieval to automate knowledge discovery from biomedical text. As much of 
the published material includes images, which are of utmost importance for 
both scientists and database curators, the ability to automatically and 
effectively mine image data is becoming increasingly critical – and draws much 
interest. Thus the SIG this year will look at both aspects of published 
knowledge – text and images.

As in previous years, the SIG will be interdisciplinary in nature, and will bring 
together researchers developing text and image mining techniques, with 
scientists from bioinformatics and biology who are potential end users of this 

We solicit submissions from researchers working on all aspects of mining text 
and image data in the scientific literature as they apply to bioinformatics and 
bio-medicine. Suggested topics include (but are not limited to):

* New applications for text mining: bringing together end users and developers.
* Image analysis within documents/papers/publications.
* Integration of text and image data to address specific information needs.
* Emerging text and image mining tools, and how to make these tools available 
to end users. 
* New methods, measures and corpora for testing and evaluating literature 
mining in the biomedical domain.
* Examples of text and image mining used to assist in database curation
* Incorporation of text-mining derived data into larger biological and 
bioinformatics workflows.

The SIG provides an informal forum for presentation and discussion of current 
research in the field. The program will include presentations of short papers, 
posters and invited talks.

We are inviting submission in two categories:
1) short papers (up to 4 pages)
2) poster abstracts (up to 300 words).
Submissions, in PDF or MS word, should be sent, by the dates specified below, 

Authors should indicate the category for which their paper is to be considered 
(short paper or poster in the subject line), and whether they would like their 
work to be considered for an oral presentation. All accepted papers will be 
included in the ISMB SIG notes. We are also considering the possibility of 
having selected SIG papers revised and published as a special issue of a 
journal in the area of bioinformatics.

Important Dates: 
April 5: Short papers (up to 4 pages) due 
April 15: Poster Abstracts (up 350 words) due 
May 5: Notification to authors 
May 15: Final version due 

To register for BioLINK SIG, use the ISMB'09 registration form 

Program Chairs:

Christian Blaschke, Bioalma, Spain
Hagit Shatkay, School of Computing, Queen's University, Canada
Lynette Hirschman, MITRE Corp., USA
Scott Markel, Accelrys' R&D group, USA
Robert F. Murphy, Carnegie Mellon University,Pittsburgh, USA
Alfonso Valencia, Spanish National Cancer Research Centre, Spain

Contact and submission email:

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