ISI 2017

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ISI 2017
2017 IEEE International Conference on Intelligence and Security Informatics
Event in series ISI
Dates 2017/07/22 (iCal) - 2017/07/24
Location: Beijing, China
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Important dates
Submissions: 2017/04/10
Notification: 2017/05/30
PC chairs: Xiaolong Zheng, Hui Zhang, Chunxiao Xing
Table of Contents



IEEE International Conference on Intelligence and Security Informatics (ISI), July 22-24, 2017, Beijing, China


Security Analytics and Threat Intelligence:

• Threat pattern models and modeling tools
• Real-time situational awareness
• Intrusion and cybersecurity threat detection and analysis
• Cyber-physical-social system security and incident management
• Computing and networking infrastructure protection
• Crime analysis and prevention
• Forecasting threats and measuring the impact of threats
• Surveillance and intelligence through unconventional means
• Information security management standards
• Information systems security policies
• Mobile and cloud computing security
• Big data analytics for cybersecurity
• Resilient cyber infrastructure design and protection

Data Science and Analytics in Security Informatics:

• Data representation and fusion for security informatics
• Criminal/intelligence information extraction
• Data sharing and information visualization for security informatics
• Web-based intelligence monitoring and analysis
• Spatial-temporal data analysis for crime analysis and security informatics
• Criminal/intelligence machine learning and data mining
• Bio-terrorism tracking, alerting, and analysis
• Digital forensics and computational criminology
• Financial and accounting fraud analysis
• Consumer-generated content and security-related social media analytics
• Security-related social network analysis (radicalization, recruitment, conducting operations)
• Authorship analysis and identification
• Terrorism related analytical methodologies and software tools

Human Behavior and Factors in Security Applications:

• Behavior issues in information systems security
• HCI and user interfaces of relevance to intelligence and security
• Social impacts of crime and terrorism
• Board activism and influence
• Measuring the effectiveness of counter-terrorism campaigns
• Citizen education and training
• Understanding user behavior in that has potential security risks
• Security risks about user behavior in information systems
• Human behavior modeling, representation and prediction for security applications

Organizational, National, and International Issues in Counter-terrorism and other Security Applications:

• Best practices in counter-terrorism or security protection
• Information sharing policy and governance
• Privacy, security, and civil liberties issues
• Emergency response and management
• Disaster prevention, detection, and management
• Protection of transportation and communications infrastructure
• Communication and decision support for research and rescue
• Assisting citizens' responses to terrorism and catastrophic events
• Border security
• Accounting and IT auditing
• Corporate governance and monitoring
• Election fraud and political use and abuse

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