INLG 2018

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INLG 2018
11th International Conference on Natural Language Generation
Event in series INLG
Dates 2018/11/05 (iCal) - 2018/11/08
Twitter account: @INLG2018
Location: Tilburg, The Netherlands
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Papers: Submitted 102 / Accepted 20 (19.6 %)
Organizers: Nadine Braun, Thiago Castro Ferreira, Ákos Kádár, Ruud Koolen, Chris van der Lee
PC chairs: Emiel Krahmer, Martijn Goudbeek, Albert Gatt
Workshop chairs: Sina Zarrieß, Mariët Theune
PC members: Jose Alonso, Anja Belz, Alberto Bugarín Diz, Thiago Castro Ferreira, Robert Dale
Keynote speaker: Lillian Lee, Piek Vossen, Yoav Goldberg
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