IJISSS special issue 2008

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IJISSS special issue 2008
The Engineering, Management, and Philosophy of Service-oriented Information Systems
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Homepage: www.igi-pub.com/ijisss
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Important dates
Submissions: Feb 15, 2008
Notification: Mar 15, 2008
Table of Contents

Special issue of the IJISSS - International Journal of Information Systems in the Service Sector

To collect and disseminate high-quality and relevant scientific knowledge
and professionals' experience for helping to underpin the engineering,
management, and philosophy of Service-Oriented Information Systems (SOIS).
The submitted papers should be based on rigorous theoretical or empirical
research that studies the technical, behavioral, economical, managerial,
and philosophical issues involved in the development, utilization, or
evaluation of Information Systems and IT under the emergent paradigm of
Service Science, Management, and Engineering (SSME). These studies should
further current knowledge about Service-Oriented Information Systems, by
advancing theoretical research or providing help for organizations to
resolve pertinent problems and issues, or to address improvement
opportunities. Because of the interdisciplinary scope, papers are expected
from a variety of disciplines, including Information Systems, Software
Engineering, and Systems Engineering, as well as from traditional
business-oriented research.

SUGGESTED TOPICS (but not limited to)
- Theoretical and empirical papers on engineering issues, including
foundations of design and building information systems under the SOIS
emergent paradigm; lifecycles, development methodologies, analysis &
design methods, techniques and tools, requirements engineering for SOIS,
standards and models of SOIS processes; comparisons with component-based,
objected-oriented and functional-based paradigms for engineering
information systems.
- Theoretical and empirical papers on management issues, including
foundations of management of information systems under the SOIS paradigm;
project management issues; frameworks and models for evaluation; economy
of SOIS project;, standards and models of processes; comparison with
component-based, objected-oriented and functional-based paradigms for
management information systems.
- Theoretical papers on philosophical issues, including foundations of the
SOIS paradigm, ontological, axiological, and/or epistemological frameworks
and schemes.
- Case studies of real projects implemented under the SOIS emergent paradigm.
Feel free to contact the guest editors in case you are not sure about the
adequacy of a paper to this issue.

Deadline extended to: February 15, 2008
First notification to authors due: March 15, 2008
Second paper submission due: April 30, 2008
Definitive paper acceptance due: May 31, 2008
Camera-ready versions due: June 31, 2008
Publishing date: January, 2009

Manuel Mora, Autonomous University of Aguascalientes, México
Claudio Pinhanez, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, USA
Rory O'Connor, Dublin City University, Ireland
Brian Blake, Georgetown University, USA
John Wang (EiC of IJISSS), Montclair State University, USA;

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