IICAI 2009

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IICAI 2009
4th Indian International Conference on Artificial Intelligence
Dates Dec 16, 2009 (iCal) - Dec 18, 2009
Homepage: www.iiconference.org
Location: Tumkur, India
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Important dates
Submissions: Apr 10, 2009
Notification: May 25, 2009
Camera ready due: Jul 6, 2009
Table of Contents

Adaptive Systems 
Agent-Based Systems 
AI and Creativity 
Artificial Life 
Automated Problem Solving 
Behavioral Neuroscience 
Brain Models 
Case Based Reasoning 
Cognitive Modeling 
Computational Neuro Science 
Computer Vision 
Content Based Image Retrieval 
Data mining 
Decision Support Systems 
Distributed AI 
Emerging Applications 
Evaluation of AI Systems 
Evolutionary Computation 
Evolutionary Algorithms 
Expert Systems 
Foundations of AI 
Fuzzy Logic 
Genetic Algorithms 
Hardware Architectures for AI 
Heuristic and Knowledge-Based Search Methods 
Human Perception and Communication 
Image Processing 
Information and Knowledge Engineering 
Integration of AI with other Technologies 
Intelligent Agents 
Intelligent Databases 
Intelligent Information Processing Systems 
Intelligent Information Retrieval 
Intelligent Networks and Security 
Intelligent Sensors 
Intelligent Software Engineering 
Intelligent Tutoring Systems 
Knowledge Acquisition 
Knowledge and Information Management 
Knowledge Delivery 
Knowledge Discovery 
Knowledge-Based Systems 
Knowledge-Based Problem Solving 
Knowledge Life Cycle 
Knowledge Management 
Knowledge Representation 
Languages for AI 
Lateral Computing 
Learning and Adaptive Sensor Fusion 
Machine Learning 
Machine Translation 
Mathematical Logic 
Medical Imaging 
Multisource and Multisensor Data Fusion 
Natural Language Processing 
Neural Networks and Applications 
Pattern Recognition 
Philosophical Foundations 
Planning and Scheduling 
Probabilistic Methods in AI 
Remote Sensing 
Rough Sets 
Search Techniques 
Social Impact of AI 
Soft Computing 
Software Tools for AI 
Speech Processing 
Steganography and Digital Watermarking 
Statistical Methods in AI 
Text Mining 
Theorem Proving 
User Modeling 

AI Tools and Techniques 

AI Applications to: 
Art, Bio-computing, Bio-informatics, Character Recognition, Computational Biology, Computer Vision, Computer Music, E-Business, E-Commerce, Education, Engineering Areas (such as CAD, CAM, Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Space Technology, etc.), Entertainment, Face Recognition, Finance and Marketing, Finger Print Recognition, Food Industry, Agriculture Industry, High Voltage Systems, Information Security, Games, Medicine, Military, Music, Nanotechnologies, Other Areas of Computer Science and Information Systems (such as Business Management, Databases, Networking, Software Engineering, etc.), Pattern Recognition, Power Electronics and Drives, Signal Processing, Stock Market, Surveillance, Virtual Reality, Multi-Media Systems

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Facts about "IICAI 2009"
AcronymIICAI 2009 +
Camera ready dueJuly 6, 2009 +
End dateDecember 18, 2009 +
Event typeConference +
Has coordinates13° 19' 44", 77° 7' 54"Latitude: 13.328875
Longitude: 77.131680555556
Has location cityTumkur +
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Homepagehttp://www.iiconference.org +
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NotificationMay 25, 2009 +
Start dateDecember 16, 2009 +
Submission deadlineApril 10, 2009 +
Title4th Indian International Conference on Artificial Intelligence +