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Joint iTrust and PST Conferences on Privacy, Trust Management and Security
Dates Jun 18, 2008 (iCal) - Jun 20, 2008
Homepage: www.ntnu.no/videre/konferanse/IFIPTM08/index.html
Location: Trondheim, Norway
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Important dates
Submissions: Jan 11, 2008
Table of Contents

In 2007, the iTrust and PST conferences came together as the first annual meeting and conference of the newly formed IFIP Working Group on Trust Management (IFIP WG 11.11). IFIPTM 2007 provided a truly global platform for the reporting of research, development, policy and practice in the interdependent areas of Trust, Security, and Privacy. IFIPTM 2008 will continue to provide a global forum for presenting research results and innovative ideas in these areas. The mission of the IFIPTM 2008 conference is to share research solutions to problems of Trust, Security and Privacy and to identify new issues and directions for future research and development work. The program of the conference will feature research papers, industrial and government presentations.

Previous iTrust, PST and IFIPTM conferences have become popular focal points for co-located workshops and technical tutorials on topics related to trust, security and privacy. Continuing this trend, IFIPTM 2008, to be held Trondheim, Norway, plans to feature a number of co-located workshops and tutorials. Proposals for workshops and tutorials are hereby invited and should be submitted to Workshop & Tutorial Chairs (Elisa Bertino, bertino@cs.purdue.edu ; Dan Lin, linden@cs.purdue.edu) and Program Chairs (Yuecel Karabulut, yuecel.karabulut@sap.com; John Mitchell, mitchell@cs.stanford.edu).

IFIPTM 2008 will also host a demonstration session. Technical demonstrations illustrating innovative and original research are solicited. The conference is interested in demonstrations of technology that address important research issues or demonstrate realistic applications of security, trust and privacy management in information systems. Interested authors are invited to check the specific topics of interest listed in the call for papers located at call for papers.
Proposals for demonstrators are hereby invited and should be submitted to Demonstrator Chair (Audun Josang, a.josang@qut.edu.au).

We are soliciting industry papers describing innovative applications, case studies and best practices with a goal of fostering collaboration between the research community and the private sector. Industrial submissions may be either full-length papers whose technical density is comparable to research submissions, or extended abstracts of approximately 4 pages.

IFIPTM 2008 invites research submissions on all topics related to Trust, Security and Privacy, including but not limited to those listed below

* Security and trust for composite applications
* Trust models, formalization, specification, analysis and reasoning
* Engineering of trustworthy and secure software
* The ethics, sociology and psychology of trust
* Security management and usability issues including security configuration
* Trust management frameworks for secure collaborations
* Language security
* Security and privacy for software as a service (SaaS)
* Security and trust for Web 2.0 mashups
* Legal issues related to the management of trust
* Semantically-aware security management
* Adaptive security policy management
* Security, trust and privacy for service oriented architectures
* Mobile security
* Anonymity and privacy vs. accountability
* Critical infrastructure protection, public safety and emergency management
* Intrusion detection systems and technologies
* Operating systems security
* Network security (anti-virus, anti-DoS-tools, firewalls etc.)
* Privacy and identity management in e-services
* Biometrics, national ID cards, identity theft
* Distributed trust and reputation management systems
* Human computer interaction and privacy, security & trust
* Applications of trust and reputation management in e-services

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