ICUAS 2020

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ICUAS 2020
International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems,
Event in series ICUAS
Dates 2020/09/01 (iCal) - 2020/09/04
Homepage: icuas/
Location: Athens, Greece
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Important dates
Papers: 2020/02/29
Submissions: 2020/02/29
Camera ready due: 2020/05/08
General chairs: Youmin Zhang, Anthony Tzes
PC chairs: Antonio Franchi, Kostas Alexis
Keynote speaker: Panos J. Antsaklis, Grégoire Guerout, Anibal Ollero, Hai-Long Pei
Table of Contents


Planned: June 9-12, 2020, Athems, Greece

  • * * NEW CONFERENCE DATES: September 1-4, 2020! * * *

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is with a great sense of responsibility that we have decided to move the actual ICUAS conference dates to September 1-4, 2020. There will, however, be no changes in deadlines: final paper upload deadline is May 8. The Technical Program will be ready and uploaded by May 20. The master USB Proceedings will be sent to IEEE by May 31 to be uploaded on IEEE Xplore.

ICUAS ’20 presents a unique opportunity to meet, interact and shape the future of unmanned aviation, worldwide. ICUAS ’20 is fully sponsored by the ICUAS Association, a non-profit organization.

The major themes of ICUAS ’20 are: integration of manned-unmanned aviation into the national airspace, legal, ethical and privacy issues, regulations, benefits of unmanned aviation to society, UAS/RPAS design for safety, reliability and resilience, and technology standards, all contributing to building high-confidence systems. National and international organizations, agencies, industry and authorities work towards defining roadmaps of UAS/RPAS expectations, technical requirements and standards that are prerequisite to their full utilization. The next generation of UAS/RPAS is expected to be used for a wide spectrum of civilian and public domain applications. Challenges to be faced and overcome are many, including the topics of interest listed below. Innovative solutions to these challenges will pave the way towards full integration of UAS/RPAS with manned aviation and into the respective national airspace.

ICUAS ’20 aims to bring together different groups of qualified representatives worldwide, organization representatives, funding agencies, industry and academia, to discuss the current state of unmanned aviation advances, and the roadmap to their full utilization in civilian and public domains. Special emphasis will be given to research opportunities, and to ‘what comes next’ in terms of the essential technologies that need to be utilized to advance the state-of-the-art.


  • Airspace Control - Networked UAS
  • Airspace Management - Payloads
  • Airworthiness Path - Planning and Navigation
  • Autonomy - Reliability of UAS
  • Biologically Inspired UAS - Risk Analysis
  • Certification See/Sense-Detect-and-Avoid Systems
  • Control Architectures - Security
  • Energy Efficient UAS - Sensor Fusion
  • Environmental Issues - Smart Sensors
  • Fail-Safe Systems - Standardization
  • Frequency Management - Technology Challenges
  • Integration - Training
  • Interoperability - UAS Applications
  • Levels of Safety - UAS Communications
  • Manned/Unmanned Aviation - UAS Testbeds
  • Micro- and Mini- UAS - UAS Transportation Management (UTM)