ICR 2008

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ICR 2008
2nd Israeli Conference on Robotics
Dates Nov 19, 2008 (iCal) - Nov 20, 2008
Homepage: www.icr2008.org.il
Location: Herzlia, Israel
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Important dates
Abstracts: Jul 31, 2008
Submissions: Aug 31, 2008
Table of Contents

The Israeli Conference on Robotics (ICR) is a bi-annual meeting, with the first conference held in June 2006. It is intended to provide a forum for Israeli and foreign researchers and engineers from industry and academia to discuss and exchange ideas on contemporary topics in robotics and automation, encourage local and international collaborations, and foster a viable robotics industry in Israel.

A specific goal of the 2nd ICR is to solicit governmental support to recognize robotics as a field of national priority. The scientific program will include plenary talks that will review the current state of robotics worldwide, a panel discussion that will focus on the future of robotics in Israel, and presentations of contributed and invited papers in several technical tracks.

The scope of the conference covers topics that range from theoretical developments to industrial applications and emphasize current interests of the local robotics community and perceived needs of the Israeli industry:

    * Service robots
    * Medical robots
    * Autonomous vehicles
    * Automated manufacturing
    * Navigation and motion planning
    * Robotics Education
    * Localization and mapping
    * Biologically inspired systems
    * Multirobot systems
    * Robot design and control
    * Machine Vision
    * Robots in agriculture
    * Robots in security applications 

Potential contributors are requested to submit abstracts on any of the topics covered by the ICR conference before July 31, 2008. The abstract will undergo a preliminary review, which is aimed mainly at assessing the relevance of the material to the conference. Authors of approved abstracts will be invited to submit full length papers by August 31, 2008.

Submission instructions

Abstracts should be sent to the email address icr2008@cs.biu.ac.il. Please include '[ICR Submission]' in your e-mail's subject line, otherwise your submission will be lost. All submissions will be acknowledged in email within 48 hours of receipt.

For queries, please contact the program chair, Dr. Gal Kaminka, MAVERICK Group Computer Science Department, Bar Ilan University.

Abstracts should be sent in PDF format, and be of up to 400 words in length. Abstracts are required to be in English. The abstract should clearly specify the names of the authors, the email address of the contact author, and a list of keywords characterizing the abstract.

The talks will be given in Hebrew or English; preferred language is English. 

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