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ICIE 2012
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The 2012 International Conference of Information Engineering
Event in series ICIE
Subevent of WCE 2012
Dates 2012/07/04 (iCal) - 2012/07/06
Homepage: www.iaeng.org/WCE2012/ICIE2012.html
Location: London, U.K.
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Important dates
Submissions: 2012/03/06
Table of Contents


Call for Papers: The 2012 International Conference of Information Engineering (ICIE 2012)

CFP: The 2012 International Conference of Information Engineering (ICIE 2012) From: International Association of Engineers (IAENG) Draft Paper Submission Deadline: 6 March, 2012 Camera-Ready papers & Registration Deadline: 31 March, 2012 ICIE 2012: London, U.K., 4-6 July, 2012 http://www.iaeng.org/WCE2012/ICIE2012.html

The conference ICIE'12 is held under the World Congress on Engineering 2012. The WCE 2012 is organized by International Association of Engineers (IAENG), a non-profit international association for the engineers and the computer scientists. The congress has the focus on the frontier topics in the theoretical and applied engineering and computer science subjects. The WCE conferences serve as good platforms for our members and the entire engineering community to meet with each other and to exchange ideas. The recent IAENG conference has attracted more than eight hundred participants from over 30 countries. Our congress committees have been formed with over three hundred committee members who are mainly research center heads, faculty deans, department heads, professors, and research scientists from different universities like Cambridge, Imperial College, Harvard, MIT and Oxford etc.

The conference proceedings will be published by IAENG (ISBN: 978-988-19251-3-8) in hardcopy. The full-text congress proceeding will be indexed in major database indexes so that it can be assessed easily. Revised and expanded version of the selected papers may be included as book chapters in the standalone edited books under the framework of cooperation between publishers like Springer and IAENG. The abstracts will be indexed and available at major academic databases. The accepted papers will also be considered for publication in the special issues of the journal Engineering Letters, in IAENG journals and in edited books. For reference, the recent IAENG post conference edited books include titles like for example: Current Themes in Engineering Science by America Institute of Physics, Trends in Intelligent Systems and Computer Engineering, Advances in Communication Systems and Electrical Engineering, and Advances in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research by Springer.

The topics of the ICIE'12 include, but not limited to, the following:

Programming Languages Operating Systems Performance Evaluation Algorithms Data Structures Multimedia System Architecture Software Engineering E-commerce Information Security Information Theory Computer Networks Bioinformatics Hardware design Microprocessors

Embedded Systems

Internet Computing Intelligent Agent Technologies Virtual Reality Cryptography Education Applications and Software Supercomputing High Performance Computing Object-oriented Methodologies Network Management Software Reusability and Reliability Video Technologies Database Management Routing

 The ICIE Program Committee   

Dr Maaruf Ali Senior Lecturer in Telecommunications Engineering & Media Technology, Department of Electronic Engineering, Oxford Brookes University, UK; Chair of the IET Berkshire Specialist Branch on Electronics, Control, Computing and Communications

Dr. Ezendu Ariwa Senior lecturer- Strategic Information Systems, London Metropolitan University, UK

Dr. Chris Baber Reader in Interactive Systems Design, Department of Electronic, Electrical and Computer Engineering, The University of Birmingham, UK

Prof. Mietek Brdys Head of 'Decision Support and Control Systems' Network Research Centre and Director of Postgraduate Admissions, Department of Electronic, Electrical and Computer Engineering, The University of Birmingham, UK Professor, Faculty of Electrical and Control Engineering, Dept. of Control Systems, Gdansk University of Technology, Poland

Prof. Chin-Chen Chang DMKE (IEEE Fellow, IEE Fellow) Chair Professor in Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science, Feng Chia University, Taiwan

Dr. Ali Hamie Senior Lecturer in Computer Science, University of Brighton, UK

Dr. Lynne Humphries Senior Lecturer, School of Computing and Technology, University of Sunderland, United Kingdom

Dr. Chris Hutchison Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Computing, Information Systems and Mathematics, Kingston University, UK

Dr. Yanguo Jing Senior Lecturer in Compute Science, London Metropolitan University, UK

Dr. Mark Leeson EEE, IE, ISIE, WN Associate Professor, MSc Course Manager, School of Engineering, University of Warwick, UK

Dr. Pouwan Lei Research scientist, School of Engineering, Design and Technology, University of Bradford, United Kingdom

Prof. Layuan Li Professor, Department of Computer Science and Technology, Wuhan University of Technology, China; Editor in Chief of the Journal of Wuhan University of Technology

Dr. Ioannides Marinos Lecturer, Computer Studies Department, Higher Technical Institute, Cyprus

Dr. Cornelius Ncube Research scientist, Software Systems Engineering, Centre for HCI Design, City University London, UK

Dr. Mori Nejad Vaezi-Nejad Senior Lecturer in Communications Technology, Department of CCTM at North Campus, London Metropolitan University, UK

Dr. Peter Oriogun Course Leader MSc Computing, London Metropolitan University, UK Honorary Visiting Lecturer in Software Engineering, Cranfield University, UK

Dr. Mourad Oussalah Lecturer, Department of Electronic, Electrical and Computer Engineering, The University of Birmingham, UK

Professor Vinesh Raja (FIMechE, FRSA, FRSH; co-chair) Director of Informatics and Virtual Reality, Institute of Digital Healthcare, University of Warwick, UK

Dr. Michael Short Senior Lecturer in Electronics and Control, School of Science and Engineering, Teesside University, UK

Prof Jiangzhou Wang (co-chair) Chair of Electronics and Professor, Dept. of Electronics, University of Kent, United Kingdom; Editor, IEEE Transactions on Communications

Dr. Mark Ware (co-chair) Reader, Faculty of Advanced Technology, University of Glamorgan, UK

Dr Yuyang Zhao IE, ISIE, MEEM Researcher, Knowledge and Information Management (KIM) Grand Challenge Project, University of Cambridge, and Research Officer, Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Bath, UK



WCE 2012 is now accepting manuscript submissions. Prospective authors are invited to submit their draft paper in full paper (any appropriate style) to WCE{at}iaeng.org by 6 March, 2012. The submitted file can be in MS Word format, PS format, or PDF formats.

The first page of the draft paper should include: (1) Title of the paper; (2) Name, affiliation and e-mail address for each author; (3) A maximum of 5 keywords of the paper.

Also, the name of the conference that the paper is being submitted to should be stated in the email.

It is our target that the reviewing process and the result notification for each submitted manuscript can be completed within one month from its submission. The reviewing process is to ensure the quality of the accepted papers in the WCE congress.

More details about the WCE 2012 can be found at: http://www.iaeng.org/WCE2012/index.html

More details about the International Association of Engineers, and the IAENG International Journal of Computer Science, and the IAENG International Journal of Applied Mathematics can be found at: http://www.iaeng.org/about_IAENG.html http://www.iaeng.org/IJCS/index.html http://www.iaeng.org/IJAM/index.html http://www.engineeringletters.com

It will be highly appreciated if you can circulate these calls for papers to your colleagues.

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