ICHSL 2008

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ICHSL 2008
6th International Conference on Human System Learning
Dates Mar 14, 2008 (iCal) - Mar 16, 2008
Homepage: www.ichsl6.org
Location: Toulouse, France
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Important dates
Submissions: Nov 30, 2007
Table of Contents


    Main scope:

    WHAT IS LEARNING ? The Information Society is burgeoning and new technology is shifting educational, learning and training paradigms. Virtual Universities, Cyber-Classrooms, e-Learning, Wireless Based Learning, Humanoid Robots, Data Mining, Text Mining, Web Semantic, etc. may be cryptic catch phrases now but will be within the main learning and teaching norm in a very near future.
    The sixth ICHSL observes that, Machine Learning, Humanoid (mainly Human Robot Interaction) and e-Learning system have in common a real complex challenge: What learning has become?
    Whether learning has to occur within Humans, Machines or Interactions between Humans and Machine, the process of learning is still perceived as complex.
    Learning context has shifted. Learning paradigms have shifted as well as learning Strategies. Learning environment has totally be changed as well as learning assessment, learning control, learning evolving, learning scheduling, etc. etc.
    ICHSL.6 dares to bring up again this non ended question: What is learning into a very modern and dynamic hybrid environment.
    ICHSL organizing committee has hesitated for long time before choosing this risky topic. It could be felt surprising to invite researchers to express their visions and projects, on 2007, about learning process. However, our experiences, especially during the last 5 ICHSL conferences have shown that most of us has different perception, understanding and conception of this old phenomena which is Learning.

          Learning environment
          Learning Logic
          Learning paradigm
          Human and Machine Learning Fuzziness
          Human Robot Interaction (focused on learning approaches only)
          Interactive Learning
          Interactive e-learning
          Interactive Mining Tools
          Learning from electronic dynamic documents
          New Learning Support Systems

    And ICHSL relevant topics: Cognition, Data Mining, Distributed Artificial Intelligence, Ergonomic, Human-System Interactions, Humanoid, Knowledge Data Discovery, New Educational Technology, System Design, Text Mining, Wireless & Web Based Learning, Web Mining.

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