ICDM - MoDAT 2017

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ICDM - MoDAT 2017
ICDM - MoDAT 2017 : The 5th International Workshop on the Market of Data - Creating tools, data, and sensors from the Social Intelligence
Dates 2017/11/18T12:00:00 (iCal) - 2017/11/18T12:00:00
Homepage: http://www.panda.sys.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/MoDAT/2017.html
Location: New Orleans, USA
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Important dates
Submissions: 2017/08/07T12:00:00
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MoDAT, the Market of Data, is a market where data and items linked to data are dealt with. Participants of this market include data provider, data user, data broker, data scientists, and latent stakeholders who may play a role in any businesses created using data. The goal of MoDAT is to realize data driven innovations by reasonable methods for using and reusing data. Decisions to open data free, to sell data for suitable prices, or to exchange/share after negotiation, and/or develop technologies are made in this market to fit demands of data users. Via negotiation, participants create and discuss use-scenarios of data until they learn the value of data, and in a good case, they come to share/exchange data with each other.

In MoDAT workshops since ICDM2013, we discussed how to design this market of data. So far, ideas were born to lead productive actions in businesses and sciences (including industrial, political, and educational sectors) with the aid of data mining, data links, and so forth. Also, data, tools with AI, and devices for collecting data (i.e., sensors) have been invented in the market of data. This year we focus on creativity of data scientists in the market of data, based on these resources.

Relevant topics (include, not restricted to) are listed in the Web page. - Interesting data, and the reason why the data are interesting - Algorithms: Data/Text mining and visualization of links among data - Sensors: Devices and methods to collect new data - Human Sciences about communication, education, and innovation - Representation of knowledge and requirements - Process and technologies for data exchange

We will divide accepted papers (both to be included in the ICDMW proceedings from IEEE) into (A) the oral session and (B) the gaming session of Innovators Marketplace® on Data Jackets. IMDJ is a gamified market of data, a practical workshop toward data-driven innovations to which more than 100 companies and ministries (MITI, MEXT, etc.) of Japan joined so far. Authors can choose (A) or (B).

For more details see http://www.panda.sys.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/MoDAT/2017.html .

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TitleICDM - MoDAT 2017 : The 5th International Workshop on the Market of Data - Creating tools, data, and sensors from the Social Intelligence +