ICCS 2009

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ICCS 2009
17th International Conference on Conceptual Structures
Dates Jul 26, 2009 (iCal) - Jul 31, 2009
Homepage: www.iccs.info
Location: Moscow, Russia
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Important dates
Abstracts: Jan 5, 2009
Submissions: Jan 12, 2009
Table of Contents


ICCS'09 Conceptual Structures: Leveraging Semantic Technologies

26 - 31 July 2009, State University Higher School of Economics (SU HSE) , Moscow, Russia

The 17th International Conference on Conceptual Structures (ICCS 2009) is the latest in a series of annual conferences that have been held in Europe, Australia, and North America since 1993. The focus of the conference has been the representation and analysis of conceptual knowledge for research and practical application. ICCS brings together researchers and practioners in information and computer sciences as well as social science to explore novel ways that conceptual structures can be deployed.

Arising from the research on knowledge representation and reasoning with Conceptual Graphs, over the years ICCS has broadened its scope to include innovations from a wider range of theories and related practices, among them other form of graph-based reasoning systems like RDF or Existential Graphs, Formal Concept Analysis, Semantic Web Technologies, Ontologies, Concept Mapping and more. Accordingly, ICCS represents a family of approaches related to conceptual structures that build on the successes with techniques derived from artificial intelligence, knowledge representation and reasoning, applied mathematics and lattice theory, computational linguistics, conceptual modeling and design, diagrammatic reasoning and logic, intelligent systems and knowledge management. The activity of the field is witnessed by two recently published books ("Conceptual Structures in Practice", ed. by Hitzler and Schärfe and "Graph-based Knowledge Representation: Computational Foundations of Conceptual Graphs" by Chein and Mugnier) as well as by an ISO standard ("Common Logic", ISO/IEC 24707) which orginated in this community.

The 2009 ICCS's theme "leveraging semantic technologies" hints to the large overlap of the research fields of semantic technologies and conceptual structures, and emphasizes the goal of closer connecting these two areas in order to obtain a mutual benefit.

Papers for ICCS 2009 are invited on, but not restricted to, the following topics:

  • conceptual structures - theory and applications
  • semantic technologies and conceptual structures[FD6]
  • the interplay of conceptual structures with language, semantics, semiotics and pragmatics
  • conceptual data processing, analysis and conceptual logic
  • modeling, representation and visualization of concepts
  • conceptual knowledge acquisition
  • knowledge representation and reasoning with conceptual structures
  • applied conceptual structures including data mining and knowledge discovery
  • theory and applications of formal ontologies
  • graph-based knowledge representation and reasoning

Authors are invited to submit papers describing both theoretical and practical research outcomes. Papers accepted or under review by other conferences or journals are not acceptable as submissions to ICCS. The language of the conference will be English.

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  • Monday January 5, 2009: a one page abstract submitted via conference website (Abstracts should clearly state the purpose, results and conclusions of the work to be described in the final paper.)
  • Monday January 12, 2009: full paper (not more than 14 pages) in PDF format submitted via conference website

Final acceptance will be based on the full-length paper, which if accepted, must be presented at the conference. Papers accepted for publication will appear in the Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence Series by Springer-Verlag (see http://www.springeronline.com/lncs). A precondition for publication is that the final version is in full compliance with Springer's format.

Conference Chairs

General Chair

  • Sergei Kuznetsov (State University Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia)

Program Chairs

  • Frithjof Dau (SAP Research CEC Dresden, Germany) frithjof.dau@sap.com
  • Sebastian Rudolph (Institute AIFB, University of Karlsruhe, Germany) rudolph@aifb.uni-karlsruhe.de
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