ICCES 2009

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ICCES 2009
Symposium Image Processing and Analysis: International Conference on Computational & Experimental Engineering and Scienc
Dates Apr 9, 2009 (iCal) - Apr 13, 2009
Homepage: icces.org/cgi-bin/ices09/pages/cfp
Location: Phuket, Thailand
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Important dates
Abstracts: Oct 15, 2008
Submissions: Oct 15, 2008
Table of Contents

Call for Papers 

ICCES09 will be organized along 4 major THEMES. 

Each THEME will have several SYMPOSIA

Each SYMPOSIUM  can have many MINI-SYMPOSIA.

Each  SYMPOSIUM will have AT LEAST 30 presentations; 4 of which will be KEYNOTE (40 minutes each), 6 INVITED (25 minutes each), and at least 20 other  INVITED presentations of 20 minutes duration each, with a mix of senior as well as upcoming researchers.

Each MINI-SYMPOSIUM  proposed by any organizer will have AT LEAST 10 presentations; 1 of which will be KEYNOTE (40 minutes), 4 INVITED ( 25 minutes each), and 5 other INVITED presentations (20 minutes each), with a mix of senior as well as upcoming researchers.

If  any of the papers in a SYMPOSIUM or MINI-SYMPOSIUM represent the first publications of original  research, the respective organizer  can propose them for publication, collectively, as SPECIAL ISSUE(S) of either of the Journals CMES ( www.techscience.com/cmes) or CMC ( www.techscience.com/cmc). The organizer(s) will be invited to act as GUEST-EDITOR(S) of the respective SPECIAL ISSUE(S).  While the Guest-Editor(s) may be called upon to handle the reviews , the Editorial Boards/ Editors-in-Chief of CMES/CMC will have the final responsibility to accept/decline the papers after the usual peer-review process.

We call upon the research community to propose SYMOSIA or MINI-SYMPOSIA on a topic of their choice from the list below. They may also propose SYMPOSIA/ MINI-SYMPOSIA on any topic which is not  listed below, but which falls broadly within the 4 THEMES identified below.

Please send your proposals, electronically, to: (icces@icces.org) , with the subject line: Proposal for an ICCES09 SYMPOSIUM/ MINI-SYMPOSIUM

We thank you for your kind support of ICCES09.


CMC: Computers, Materials, & Continua 
CMES: Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences 
MNCM: Meshless & Novel Computational Methods 
MDCEM: Multi-Disciplinary Computational & Experimental Methods 

CMC: Materials by Design 
CMC: Advances in Materials Processing, Plasticity, etc. 
CMC: Deformation and failure mechanics of heterogeneous materials, and 
CMC: Mechanics of Nanostructured Materials ( Mini-Symposia: semiconductors, soft-matter, low-dimensional systems, graphene and nanotubes, optoelectronic materials) 
CMES: Multiscale Modelling of Material Degradation and Fracture 
CMES: Fracture and failure of heterogeneous materials & Mechanics of Composite Materials and Structures 
CMES: Modern Mechanics of Solids & Structures 
CMES: Modern Mechanics of Fluids , and Gases 
CMES: Mechanics of Soft Matter 
CMES: Mechanics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics of Matter at Multiple Length & Time Scales 
CMES: Mechanics of MEMS & NEMS 
CMES: Topology Optimization, and General Structural Optimization 
MNCM: Meshless Local Petrov-Galerkin Methods( Including LBIE), EFG 
MNCM: Mesh-Reduction & Boundary Element Methods, Boundary Node & Hybrid Boundary Node Methods 
MNCM: Trefftz Methods & method of Fundamental Solutions 
MNCM: Trial Functions: MLS, RBF, & MQ 
MNCM: SPH, Wavelets, levelsets, DE with Fractional Derivatives 
MDCEM: Multiphysics & Multidisciplinary Engineering 
MDCEM: Computational & Experimental Smart Structures Technology 
MDCEM: Image Processing & Analysis 
We can have MINI- SYMPOSIA under each Symposium Topic. If you would like to propose a SYMPOSIUM/MINISYMPOSIUM on YOUR OWN TOPIC, in any of the above listed  Themes categories, please write to: icces@icces.org

with the Subject Line: Suggested Topic for aSymposium/Minisymposium
Please submit a summary of your paper, directly at the web-site:

The deadline for the abstracts is: 1 Jan 2009.



15 Oct 2008: Deadline for Mini-symposia proposal.

15 Oct 2008: Start abstract submission and hotel RESERVATION (at deeply-discounted rates, $140 per night, INCLUDING 10% service charge, 7% government taxes and breakfasts).

1 Jan 2009: Deadline for abstract submission.

10 Jan 2008: End of abstract selection.

10 Jan 2009: Start early registration.


15 Feb 2009: Deadline for early registration.

15 Feb 2009: Deadline for last minute abstract submission/withdrawals to: http://submission.techscience.com/icces09.

15 Feb 2009: Technical program announcement.

15 Mar 2009: Deadline for the late registration.

8 Apr 2009: Conference starts.

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