ICBBE 2008

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ICBBE 2008
the 2nd International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical
Dates May 16, 2008 (iCal) - May 17, 2008
Homepage: www.icbbe.org
Location: Shanghai, Shanghai
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Important dates
Submissions: Dec 10, 2007
Table of Contents

      The conference is soliciting state-of-the-art research papers in the following areas of interest:

    * Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

    * Sequence analysis and sequence alignment
    * Gene finding and gene function recognition
    * Genome assembly and genome annotation
    * Analysis of gene expression_
    * Analysis of regulation
    * Computational evolutionary biology
    * Measuring biodiversity
    * Protein structure alignment
    * Protein structure prediction and structure based drug design
    * P rotein-protein interactions and protein-protein docking
    * Comparative genomics
    * Modeling biological systems
    * High-throughput image analysis
    * Gene Ontology and taxonomy study
    * Biological and biomedical data integration, mining and visualization
    * Genetic and biochemical networks and regulation
    * High performance bio-computing
    * Modelling software and makeup language in systems biology
    * Computational genomics and proteomics
    * 3-D modeling related to biology
    * Any novel mathematical and physical approaches to bioinformatics problems
    * Other topics related to bioinformatics

    * Biomedical Engineering

    * Bioelectrical and neural engineering
    * Biomedical imaging, image processing, visualization and biomedical optics
    * Biomaterials
    * Biomedical modeling
    * Biomechanics and biotransport
    * Biomedical devices, instrumentation, sensors, artificial organs, and nano technologies
    * Molecular, cellular and tissue engineering
    * Systems and integrative engineering
    * Biochemical, cellular, molecular and tissue engineering
    * Medical data storage and compression techniques
    * Biomedical effects of electromagnetic radiation
    * Experimental and computational mobile phone dosimetry
    * Special ICES sessions on mobile phone safety
    * Medical data storage and compression techniques
    * Biomedical robotics and mechanics
    * Rehabilitation engineering
    * Clinical engineering, surgical planning, wearable and real-time health monitoring systems
    * Mobile and wireless technologies in healthcare systems
    * Biomedical education
    * Biomedicine in industry and society
    * Physiological signal processing
    * NMR/CT/ECG technologies and electromagnetic field simulation in biomedical engineering
    * Structure-based drug design
    * Pattern recognition and machine learning techniques in biomedical engineering
    * Medical signal and imaging processing
    * Artificial heart, artificial heart valve, artificial limb, artificial pacemaker, and automated external defibrillator
    * Other topics related to biomedical engineering

    * Topics Related to Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering

    * Biostatics
    * Protein Engineering
    * Gene Engineering
    * Biology Engineering
    * System Biology
    * Biochemistry
    * Biophysics
    * Biomathematics
    * Biomeasurement
    * Biomechanics
    * Biometrics

       Prospective authors are encouraged to submit a full paper for review by Dec 10, 2007, in PDF or Word format. Only original papers that have not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere will be considered. The submission process is carried through iCBBE conference management system ( www.icbbe.org ). The manuscript_s must follow the IEEE two-column format with single-spaced, 10-point font in the text. A standard paper should not succeed 4 pages. All accepted papers will be presented in oral sessions or poster sessions.

       For more information please visit the conference web page: www.icbbe.org 


Important Dates

Paper submissions due: 	  December 10, 2007
Notification of paper acceptance: 	  February 28, 2008
Registration deadline: 	  March 20, 2008
Conference: 	  May 16--18,2008

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