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36th IBIMA Conference
Event in series IBIMA
Dates 2020/11/04 (iCal) - 2020/11/05
Homepage: https://ibima.org/conference/36th-ibima-conference/
Location: Granada, Spain
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Important dates
Submissions: 2020/09/14
General chairs: Khalid S. Soliman
Table of Contents



Conference Themes The 36th IBIMA conference revolves around important themes. To that end, possible conference topics of interest should include Economics, Management, Information Management, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Education, Marketing, Human Resources, and Finance as follow:

Economics topics of interest

   *     Government Policy and Regulation
   *     Regulatory Economics
   *     Constitutional Economics
   *     Regional development
   *     World Economy vs Regional Economy
   *     Rules & Institutions
   *     Industrial organizations
   *     Institutional Economics
   *     International Economic Order
   *     Globalization: General Trade
   *     Commercial Policy, Protection, Promotion, Trade Negotiations
   *     Country and Industry Studies of Trade
   *     Economic Integration
   *     Trade and Labor Market Interactions
   *     Trade and Environment
   *     International Factor Movements and International Business
   *     International Investment, Long-Term Capital Movements
   *     International Migration

Accounting and Finance topics of interest

   *     Auditing
   *     Management Accounting
   *     Financial Accounting
   *     Commercial law
   *     Profitability and Earnings 
   *     budgeting and Reporting
   *     internal reporting and Incentives
   *     Performance Evaluation
   *     Interface between internal and external reporting
   *     General Financial Markets
   *     Portfolio Choice
   *     Asset Pricing
   *     Contingent Pricing, Futures Pricing
   *     Information and Market Efficiency
   *     International Financial Markets
   *     Government Policy and Regulation
   *     Financial Institutions and Services
   *     Banks, Other Depository Institutions
   *     Mortgages
   *     Insurance, Insurance Companies
   *     Pension Funds, Other Private Financial Institutions
   *     Investment Banking, Venture Capital, Brokerage
   *     Government Policy and Regulation
   *     Corporate Finance and Governance
   *     Capital Budgeting, Investment Policy
   *     Financing Policy, Capital and Ownership Structure
   *     Bankruptcy, Liquidation
   *     Mergers, Acquisitions, Restructuring, Corporate Governance
   *     Payout Policy

Marketing topics of interest

   *     Marketing Philosophy
   *     The Role of Marketing in Strategic Planning
   *     Relationship Marketing
   *     Marketing in SME's
   *     Public Relations Strategies
   *     Market and Industry Stakeholder Needs
   *     International Strategies
   *     The Development and Utilization of Marketing Plans
   *     Online Marketing
   *     Social Networks Marketing
   *     Marketing Effectiveness at the Operational and Strategic Levels
   *     Brand Management

Tourism and Hospitality topics of interest

   *     Tourism and Hospitality Management
   *     Niche and Specialty Tourism
   *     Culinary and cultural tourism
   *     Marketing Strategies in Tourism and Hospitality
   *     Public Administration and local Government role in Tourism Development
   *     competitiveness of tourism destination
   *     Positive and Negative impacts of Tourism

Management topics of interest

   *     Management Science
   *     Human Resource
   *     Critical Management Studies
   *     Organizational Behavior
   *     Strategic Management
   *     Leadership
   *     Business Statistics
   *     Operations Research
   *     Business Intelligence
   *     Change Management
   *     Communications Management
   *     Corporate Governance
   *     Entrepreneurship
   *     Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability
   *     Gender and Diversity
   *     Human Resources Management
   *     International Management
   *     Management Education & Development

Information Systems Management (business and technical) topics of interest

   *     Knowledge Management
   *     Social Impact of Technology Development
   *     Green IT and Green Organization
   *     E- Business and Internet Computing
   *     Management of Technology in Education and Businesses
   *     Innovation & Technology in New Product/Service Development
   *     Small and Medium Enterprises
   *     International Business Strategies and Information Technology
   *     E-Government strategies, implementation procedures, and case studies
   *     Technology Transfer, Marketing and Commercialization
   *     ICT Management
   *     Information Systems issues
   *     The Integration of Technology & Organizational Strategies
   *     R&D Management
   *     Project and Program Management
   *     Industrial and Manufacturing System Technologies
   *     Management of Technology in Developing Countries
   *     Sustainable Innovation and Competitive Advantage
   *     Innovation and Management of Renewable Resources
   *     Strategic use of Technology in the Financial Sector
   *     Adoption, acceptance, and diffusion of emerging technologies
   *     Change management and organizational performance measures
   *     Knowledge Engineering and Discovery
   *     Information Quality Management
   *     Information Quality Metrics and Assessment
   *     E-Commerce issues, trends, and case studies
   *     E-Learning, e-Training, and e-Teams
   *     E-Human Resources
   *     M-Commerce business models, applications, and best practices
   *     Privacy, security, ethical, and social issues
   *     Cyber law, E-commerce Law, and Intellectual property rights
   *     Customer relationship management (CRM),
   *     Business process re-design (BPR)
   *     Total quality management (TQM), Cycle time reduction (CTR)
   *     Supply Chain Management (SCM)
   *     Enterprise Systems (ERP) and Industry Solutions
   *     Strategic Decision Support Systems
   *     Fuzzy Logic and Neural Network applications
   *     Knowledge-based Systems Engineering
   *     Object-Oriented Database Systems
   *     Data Warehouses and Data Mining
   *     Software engineering of e-business systems
   *     Data Mining techniques
   *     Knowledge extraction and search

Knowledge Management, Organizational learning, Knowledge representation and ontologies topics of interest

   *     The Knowledge Society and Information Systems
   *     Knowledge in the Information Society
   *     Organizational learning and Organizational Culture
   *     Organizational learning at the individual and group levels
   *     Knowledge and Ontologies in Information Systems
   *     Ontologies and Ontology
   *     Information Systems Knowledge Management and Engineering
   *     Enterprise Knowledge Management and Engineering
   *     All aspects in Ontology Construction, Engineering, Modelling, Learning, Population and Evaluation
   *     All aspects Ontology Evolution and Maintenance
   *     All aspects in Ontology Adoption, Evaluation and Management
   *     Ontology Languages
   *     Natural Language Processing
   *     Ontology Use in Information Systems
   *     Ontology Coupling, Integration and Matching
   *     Semantic Web Applications

Innovation and Entrepreneurship topics of interest

   *     Innovation Clusters, Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship
   *     Leveraging digital skills for Innovation in the Society
   *     Corporate and Social Entrepreneurship
   *     Women Entrepreneurs education and development
   *     Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries
   *     Entrepreneurial Behavior in Large Organizations vs SME
   *     Benchmarking of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Best Practices
   *     High Tech Entrepreneurship and Technological Innovation
   *     Strategic Integration between Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Human Resources topics of interest

   *     New Theoretical Perspectives on Human Resource Management
   *     The Changing Role of Human Resource Management
   *     Managing Organizational Performance
   *     Motivation
   *     Recognition & Reward
   *     Hiring & Firing
   *     Recruitment

International Business topics of interest

   *     International Strategic Alliances
   *     Globalization
   *     International Trade and Investment
   *     International Management Practices
   *     Multinational and Transnational Businesses
   *     International Business Strategy
   *     Measuring International Business Performance

Education topics of interest

   *     Learning and Teaching Innovations
   *     Digital learning: e-Learning and e-Tutoring
   *     Mobile learning Applications and Technologies
   *     Blended Learning and Flipped learning environments
   *     Advanced in-classroom Applications and Technologies
   *     Online/Virtual Laboratories
   *     Open Universities and Distance learning
   *     Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)
   *     Education and Web 2.0, Social Networking, Virtual Communities
   *     Educational/Serious Games and Software
   *     Educational and training Videos
   *     Virtual Reality and Virtual Learning Environments
   *     Digital Libraries and Repositories
   *     Learning and Teaching Innovations
   *     Online Assessment
   *     Open access vs commercial Learning Management Systems
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