HSCMA 2008

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HSCMA 2008
Joint Workshop on Hands-free Speech Communication and Microphone Arrays
Dates May 6, 2008 (iCal) - May 8, 2008
Homepage: HSCMA2008.itc.it
Location: Trento, Italy
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Important dates
Submissions: Jan 25, 2008
Table of Contents

The Joint Workshop on Hands-free Speech Communication and Microphone Arrays will be held on May 6-8, 2008, at Castello del Buonconsiglio in Trento, Italy. It follows the HSCMA held at Rutgers University in 2005, and continues the tradition of previous workshops on Hands-free Speech Communication (HSC) and Microphone Arrays (MA). The HSCMA 2008 workshop is mainly devoted to reviewing the current state-of-the-art, to presenting recent advances in speech and signal processing techniques based upon multi-microphone systems, and to applications for distant-talking speech communication and human/machine interaction. It brings together researchers and practitioners from universities and industry who are working in the fields of robust speech recognition, speech enhancement, high-quality sound capture, and multiple-input/multiple-output (MIMO) acoustic signal processing. A further objective of the workshop is to provide an informal environment for discussions on: integration of multi-microphone technologies with other sensing devices (e.g., vision, haptics, etc); applications in related fields such as ambient intelligence and smart environments; and, common frameworks for evaluation of technologies at the international level. The technical program will be scheduled to assign one day to multi-microphone processing methods, one day to hands-free speech communication issues, and one day to topics which are relevant either to both areas, or to possible new research directions.

For further details, please contact:
Maurizio Omologo (omologo@fbk.eu)
Walter Kellermann (wk@LNT.de)

Deadlines / Important Dates

Two-page abstract submission: January 25, 2008

Notification of acceptance (by e-mail): February 8, 2008

Four-page paper final submission and authors registration: March 1, 2008

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