HRPR 2010

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HRPR 2010
3rd International Conference on Human-Robot Personal Relationships
Dates 2010/06/23 (iCal) - 2010/06/24
Location: Leiden, The Netherlands
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Important dates
Submissions: 2010/03/16
Table of Contents

The 3rd International Conference on Human-Robot Personal Relationships (HRPR 2010) is organized and hosted by Leiden University's Institute of Advanced Computer Science. As its two prior editions, it is the main platform to present and discuss studies of personal relationships with artificial partners, their formation, their possibilities and their consequences. Such personal relationships are increasingly attracting attention from scientific fields as (social) robotics, human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence, psychology, philosophy, sociology.

Researchers, students and practitioners from all segments of the human- robot personal interaction community are invited to submit works and proposals related (but not limited) to the topics.


 * robot emotions
 * robot personalities
 * gender approaches
 * affective approaches
 * psychological approaches
 * sociological approaches
 * roboethics
 * philosophical approaches
 * case studies


 * original papers & position papers (4-8 pages, publ. in proceedings)
 * extended abstracts (2 pages, published in proceedings)
 * workshop proposals
 * demonstrations of running system prototypes
 * artistic installations (possibly combined with an extended abstract).

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