HIBIT 2011

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HIBIT 2011
6th International Symposium on Health Informatics and Bioinformatics
Event in series HIBIT11
Dates 2011/05/02 (iCal) - 2011/05/05
Homepage: hibit11.iyte.edu.tr
Location: izmir, Turkey
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Important dates
Submissions: 2011/01/31
Table of Contents

The 6th International Symposium on Health Informatics and Bioinformatics, (HIBIT 2011) will be held and organized in Izmir, Turkey. The HIBIT series has been initiated by the Informatics Institute at METU in 2005.

HIBIT aims to bring together academicians, researchers and practitioners from the general area of health or medical informatics and bioinformatics or computational biology. Biomathematics, statistics and other related and supporting fields are also welcome and have contributed papers and posters in the past.

Another aim of HIBIT is to create synergy between academicians performing basic research and those that are users of computational methods. In this HIBIT aims to create an interface with the technology sector such that research can turn into marketable developments. HIBIT provides a forum for discussion, exploration and development of both theoretical and practical aspects of health informatics and bioinformatics and a chance to network with others working and researching in this or related areas. Finally, we aim to provide a platform for researchers which, like us, wonder why conferences in Europe require up to 600€ registration fee.

We welcome submissions from the listed areas but will also consider papers with related topics from close areas.

Health Informatics Electronic Health Records and Standards Clinical Informatics and Hospital Information Systems Telemedicine and Mobile Applications Decision Support Systems and Computer Aided Diagnosis Health Informatics Education Security, Ethics and Privacy Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in HI Medical Signal/Image Analysis and Visualization Medical Imaging and Instrumentation Virtual Reality and Simulation Medical Transaction Provision Systems

Bioinformatics Biomolecular Sequence Analysis Comparative Genomics Biomedical Genome Research Microarray Informatics Protein Expression and Modifications Protein Interactions Protein Structure Prediction Biomedical Proteome Research Genetic Networks Systems Biology Text Mining and Information Extraction Evolution and Phylogeny Structural Bioinformatics Biologically Inspired Control Systems Computational Neuroscience

Call for papers..

Opens 15. November 2010 Closes 31. January 2011 Notification of acceptance latest 28th of February 2011.

Call for posters..

Opens 15. December 2010 Closes 28. February 2011 Notification of acceptance latest 31th of April 2011.

Call for workshops..

Opens 1. December 2010 Closes 28. February 2011 Notification of acceptance latest 31th of April 2011.

Call for roundtables..

Opens 1. December 2010 Closes 28. February 2011 Notification of acceptance latest 31th of April 2011.

Program Committee Co-Chairs Assoc.Prof.Dr. Bilge KARAÇALI IZTECH Asst.Prof.Dr. Hasan OTU BILKENT

Program Committee Prof.Dr. Peter F.STADLER Uni Leipzig Prof.Dr. Volkan ATALAY METU Prof.Dr. Cenk SAHINALP SFU Prof.Dr. Gerhard Wilhelm WEBER METU Prof.Dr. Ralf HOFENSTAEDT Uni Bielefeld Prof.Dr. Erich Bornberg BAUER WWU Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ugur SEZERMAN SABANCI Assoc.Prof.Dr. Özlem KESKIN KOÇ Assoc.Prof.Dr. Osman ABUL TOBB Assoc.Prof.Dr. Hasan OGUL BASKENT Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ugur DOGRUSÖZ BILKENT Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nicolas Loménie UPD Assoc.Prof.Dr. Albert GÜVENIS BOGAZIÇI Assoc.Prof.Dr. Tamer KAHVECI UFL Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ünal UFUKTEPE IEU Assoc.Prof.Dr. Yasar SAHIN IEU Assoc.Prof.Dr. Albert GÜVENIS BOGAZICI Asst.Prof.Dr. Ufuk ÇELIKKAN IEU Asst.Prof.Dr. Mehmet APAYDIN SEHIR Asst.Prof.Dr. Ivo SBALZARINI ETHZ Asst.Prof.Dr. Ahmet SAÇAN DREXEL Asst.Prof.Dr. Çigdem Gündüz DEMIR BILKENT Asst.Prof.Dr. May KORACHI YEDITEPE Asst.Prof.Dr. Aaron MACKEY UVa Asst.Prof.Dr. Yesim AYDIN SON METU Asst.Prof.Dr. Çagdas SON METU Asst.Prof.Dr. Osman ABUL TOBB UNI Dr. Ömer SINAN SARAÇ TUD Dr. Martyn SYMONS UQ Dr. Vidal Fey VTT Dr. Ergin SOYSAL ANKARA Dr. Malik YOUSEF Gal-Soc Dr. Waleed KHALIEFE SAKHNIN Dr. Murat ÇOKOL SABANCI Dr. Abdullah ARSLAN TAMU Tunca DOGAN IZTECH

Honorary Chair Prof.Dr. Neşe YALABIK METU

Conference Chair Asst.Prof.Dr. Jens ALLMER IZTECH

Organization Committee Co-Chairs Prof.Dr. Oğuz DİCLE DEU Assoc.Prof.Dr. Cemal ÜN EGEU Asst.Prof.Dr. Coşkun ATAY IEU

Organizing Committee Assoc.Prof.Dr. Bilge KARAÇALI IZTECH Asst.Prof.Dr. Tolga CAN METU Asst.Prof.Dr. Birsen ÇAKIR EGEU

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