HIBIT 2009

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HIBIT 2009
4th International Symposium on Health Informatics and Bioinformatics
Dates Apr 16, 2009 (iCal) - Apr 18, 2009
Homepage: hibit09.ii.metu.edu.tr
Location: Antalya, TURKEY
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Important dates
Submissions: Feb 1, 2009
Table of Contents

4th International Symposium on Health Informatics and Bioinformatics, Turkey’09
April 16-18, 2009, Antalya, Turkey
Deadline for Submission of Full Papers: February 1st, 2009

The International Symposium on Health Informatics and Bioinformatics, Turkey (HIBIT), now in its fourth year,  aims to bring together academicians, researchers and practitioners who work or want to work in these popular and fulfilling areas and to create the much-needed synergy among medical, biological and Information Technology sectors.  HIBIT is one of the few international conferences on this subject in the world; therefore international participation from all around the world is anticipated. HIBIT provides a forum for discussion, exploration and development of both theoretical and practical aspects of health informatics and bioinformatics and a chance to network with others working and researching in this area.

The topics of the conference will include but not limited to:

Health Informatics
•	Electronic Health Records and Standards
•	Clinical Informatics and Hospital Information Systems
•	Telemedicine and Mobile Applications
•	Decision Support Systems and Computer Aided Diagnosis
•	Health Informatics (HI) Education
•	Security, Ethics and Privacy
•	Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in HI
•	Medical Signal/Image Analysis and Visualization
•	Medical Imaging and Instrumentation
•	Virtual Reality and Simulation
• 	Medical Transaction Provision Systems

•	Biomolecular Sequence Analysis
•	Comparative Genomics
•	Biomedical Genome Research
•	Microarray Informatics
•	Protein Expression and Modifications
•	Protein Interactions
•	Protein Structure Prediction
•	Biomedical Proteome Research
•	Genetic Networks
•	Systems Biology
• 	Text Mining and Information Extraction
• 	Evolution and Phylogeny
• 	Structural Bioinformatics  
• 	Biologically Inspired Control Systems
• 	Computational Neuroscience

Neşe Yalabık, METU

Nazife Baykal, METU

Ali Arifoğlu, METU
Tolga Can, METU
Elif Çakır, METU
Didem Gökçay, METU
Mesude İşcan, METU
Hakan S. Orer, Hacettepe U.	
Sevgi Özkan, METU
İsmail Öztürk, METU
Osman Saka, Akdeniz U.
Uğur Sezerman, Sabancı U.
Murat Sincan, Hacettepe U.
İnci Togan, METU
Buket Toraman, METU
Fatoş Yarman Vural, METU

Papers will be selected on the basis of originality, significance and clarity. Length of submitted full papers is limited to 8 pages (formatting information can be found in website: http://hibit09.ii.metu.edu.tr). Submissions can be made electronically as either Postscript or Adobe PDF Files.

Posters reporting on recent research are also sought. Abstracts of accepted posters will also be published in the symposium proceedings.

Best Paper and Best Poster Awards will be given in the symposium.

A number of tutorials will be given by distinguished speakers. 

Submission of Full Papers: February 1st 2009
Notification of Acceptance of Full Papers: March 1st, 2009
Submission of Poster Abstracts: March 5th, 2009
Notification of Poster Acceptance: March 20th, 2009
Submission of camera-ready papers and poster abstracts: March 25th, 2009
The Proceeding CDs will be published before the conference.

METU Informatics Institute, Inönü Bulvarı, 06531, Ankara, Turkey.
Phone: +90 (312) 210 3741, Fax:+90 (312) 210 3745 E-mail: hibit09@ii.metu.edu.tr

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