Group 2020

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Group 2020
ACM International Conference on Supporting Group Work
Event in series Group
Dates 2020/01/06 (iCal) - 2020/01/08
Location: Sanibel Island, USA
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Important dates
Submissions: 2019/06/21
General chairs: Louise Barkhuus, Lionel P. Robert Jr.
Workshop chairs: Casey Fiesler, Dakuo Wang
PC members: Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed, Sultan Alharthi, Valerie Bartelt, Pernille Bjżrn, Alexander Boden, Marcos R. S. Borges
Keynote speaker: Lora Aroyo
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Theoretical and/or conceptual contributions about key concepts relevant to CSCW and HCI, including critique, Social, behavioral, and computational studies of collaboration and communication, Technical architectures supporting collaboration, New tool/toolkits for collaborative technologies, Ethnographic studies of collaborative practices, Coordination and workflow technology, Social computing and contexts of collaboration, Online communities, including issues of privacy, identity, trust, and participation, Cooperative knowledge management, Organizational issues of technology design, use, or adaptation, Strategies for use of technology in business, government, and newer forms of organizations, Emerging technologies and their design, use, or appropriation in work, home, leisure, entertainment, or education, Learning at the workplace (CSCL at work, Technology-Enhanced Learning, TEL), Co-located and geographically-distributed teams, global collaboration, Cultural and cross-cultural collaboration and communication, Mobile and wearable technologies in collaboration, Innovative forms of human computer interaction for cooperative technologies.