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Event series
International Symposium on Fundamentals of Computer Theory
Categories: Computer science
CORE Rank (2017): A
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The following events of the series FCT are currently known in this wiki:

 OrdinalFromToCityCountryGeneral chairPC chairAcceptance rateAttendees
FCT 199510Aug 22Aug 25DresdenGermanyHorst ReichelD. Beauquier
M. Bellia
FCT 19939Aug 23Aug 27SzegedHungaryZoltan EsikL. Babai
S.L. Bloom
L. Budach
FCT 19918Sep 9Sep 13Gosen-Neu ZittauGermanyLothar Budach
FCT 19897Aug 21Aug 25SzegedHungaryK.R. AptS.V. Jabloneky
R.G. Bukherajev
FCT 19876Jun 22Jun 26KazanRussiaL. BudachK.R. Apt
S.V. Jabloneky
FCT 19855Sep 9Sep 13CottbusGermanyLothar BudachK.R. Apt
FCT 19834Aug 21Aug 27BorgholmSwedenE. SandewallMarek Karpinski
FCT 19813Aug 24Aug 28SzegedHungary
FCT 19792Sep 17Sep 21Wendisch RietzGermany
FCT 19771Sep 19Sep 23PoznanPoland


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