EwC 2018 : embedded world Conference 2018

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EwC 2018 : embedded world Conference 2018
ewC 2018 : embedded world Conference 2018
Dates 2018/02/27T12:00:00 (iCal) - 2018/03/01T12:00:00
Homepage: http://www.embedded-world.eu
Location: NuernbergMesse, undefined
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Submissions: 2017/09/07T12:00:00
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The embedded world Exhibition & Conference is the world's leading meeting place for the embedded systems community.

This is where experienced developers come to share their knowledge and help others to convert their ideas and inventions into real products. In its 16th year, the motto of the Conference reflects the unbroken innovative power of the industry: "Embedded goes autonomous".

From a wide range of sensors and all the way to embedded vision, systems are increasingly becoming aware of their environment, making independent decisions and using actuators to engage with the world around them. For these systems to be applied, technical logic must be further developed in such a way that complex decision-making is possible. Developers must even take account of ethical considerations.

The conference covers all aspects of the development and application of Embedded Systems, from basic technologies to the development process to special application areas:

Enabling Technologies: • Connectivity • Embedded OS • Safety & Security

Engineering and Design of Hardware, Software and Systems: • Hardware Engineering • Software Engineering • Systems Engineering • Management of Engineering Processes

Applications: • Internet of Things • Embedded Vision • Autonomous Systems

Participate actively in the presentations and discussions of the embedded systems community and submit a technically sound abstract on a current issue or a challenge that developers will face in the future.

The embedded world Conference is the world's largest event of its kind with over 1,700 participants. The audience comprises experienced and knowledge-hungry embedded system developers, project and product managers. The conference has become an integral part of the dynamic environment of the embedded world trade fair. With 30,000 visitors, it has been an international professional meeting place for many years.

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