EuRAD 2017

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EuRAD 2017
14th European Radar Conference
Event in series EuRAD
Dates 2017/10/11 (iCal) - 2017/10/13
Location: Nuremberg, Germany
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General chairs: Martin Vossiek
PC chairs: Nils Pohl
Table of Contents

The 14th European Radar Conference (EuRAD 2017) will be held from 11th October to 13th October 2017 in Nuremberg, Germany, in the framework of the European Microwave Week 2017.

  • Conference Topics
  • RADAR Sub-systems and Modelling
  • R01 Radar EM Modelling: RCS, Clutter, Complex Media, Propagation, etc.
  • R02* Antenna Systems: Theory, Modelling, Calibration and Measurements
  • R03* Phased Arrays (Active/Passive), Related Circuits and Components, Tx/Rx Module Technologies
  • R04 Reconfi gurable & Multifunction Radar Front-Ends, Mixed Signal Radar Sub-Systems
  • R05* Channel Emulation and Over-the-Air Testing
  • RADAR Signal Processing
  • R06 Digital Beam Forming, MIMO Processing, Waveform Diversity and Information Coding
  • R07 Interferometry, Polarimetry and Tomography
  • R08 Target Tracking, Localisation, Classifi cation & ATR
  • R09 High Resolution Processing, Imaging, MTI/STAP/SAR Processing and Techniques
  • R10 Robust Multi-Dimensional Detection & Estimation Techniques, Compressive Sensing and Sparse
  • Representations
  • RADAR Architectures and Systems
  • R11* Ultra-Wideband Technology and Systems
  • R12 Network, Passive and MIMO Radars, Multi-Sensor and Multi-Static Systems and Data Fusion
  • R13 Over-the-Horizon, Imaging and CW Radars, Innovative Radar Concepts
  • R14 Multifunctional Systems: Communications, Radar, Meteorology and Positioning
  • R15 Radar Simulation & System Performance Modelling
  • R16* System Technologies from RF to Terahertz
  • RADAR Applications
  • R17 Ground / Airborne / Space-based Radars, Millimetre-Wave and THz Imaging
  • R18 Defence and Security, Surveillance, Remote Traffi c Monitoring, Sense and Avoid Applications
  • R19 Geophysical Parameter Estimation, Complex Media Characterisation, 2-D, 3-D and 3-D + T Imaging,
  • Weather Radar
  • R20 Automotive Radar, Vehicular Applications, Traffi c Radar
  • R21 Subsurface Imaging, Biomedical Imaging, Non-Destructive Testing, Ground Penetrating Radar and Near-
  • Field Techniques
  • R22 Industrial Applications, Home & Building Applications
  • (*) Common Topic with EuMC
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