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IEEE Region 8 EUROCON 2009
Dates May 18, 2009 (iCal) - May 23, 2009
Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia
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Important dates
Submissions: Sep 30, 2008
Notification: Dec 31, 2008
Camera ready due: Feb 28, 2009
Table of Contents

The IEEE Region 8 Conference EUROCON has very famous history. The first Eurocon was in 1971 in Lausanne, Switzerland. Then after 12 years brake new renovated biennale EUROCON started in 2001:

    * EUROCON2001: July 2001, Bratislava, Slovakia
    * EUROCON2003: September 2003, Ljubljana, Slovenia
    * EUROCON2005: November 2005, Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro
    * EUROCON2007: September 2007, Warsaw, Poland

The next forthcoming EUROCON2009 will take place in St. Petersburg, Russia. This time it will be devoted to the 150 anniversary of Alexander Popov, which was the first to openly demonstrate radio signals transmitting and receiving on May 7, 1895. The Conference venue will be Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University �??LETI�?? which was fortunate to have Alexander Popov as the first elected Director. However Alexander Popov contributed also to other areas of electrophysics and electromechanics. Hence our Eurocon2009 topics represent all modern trends and directions in the field of Electrical Engineering including historical and educational aspects.

Besides the Conference will be the good place to meet old friends and new colleagues, to discuss modern problems and explore the splendid Saint Petersburg �?? �??Venice of North�??, city of white nights, 60 canals and rivers, 500 bridges, 120 Universities, 200 Museums and other beautiful palaces and monuments.

Technical Topics

TPC-1: Antennas, Microwave Technology and Technique.
Co-Chairs: Orest Vendik, Russia & Eric Kollberg, Sweden.
Electromagnetic wave radiation. Theory and engineering of transmission lines and filters. Semiconductors, ferrites, ferroelectrics, and metamaterials at microwaves.

TPC-2: Biotechnical Systems and Technology.
Co-Chairs: Eugeniy Popechitelev, Russia, Mark Pitkin, USA & Alexander Burov, Ukraine.
Application of concepts and methods of physical and engineering sciences to biology and to medicine.

TPC-3: Circuits and Systems.
Co-Chairs: Alexander Korotkov, Russia & Juha Kostamovaara, Finland.
Analog and digital circuit theory and design, signal processing, RF circuit design, computer aided circuit design and simulation

TPC-4: Computer Technology.
Co-Chairs: Maxim Sokolov, Russia & Elena Zudilova-Seinstra, The Netherlands.
Software engineering, scientific visualization, modeling and simulation, data mining, machine learning and pattern recognition

TPC-5: Decentralized Power Systems, Power Control, Renewable Energy.
Co-Chairs: Janush Danilevich, Russia & Tadeusz Sobczyk, Poland.
Forward-looking methods and equipment for electric energy generation, transmission, distribution and control

TPC-6: Electrical Machines and Drives.
Co-Chairs: Alexander Mikerov, Russia & Peter Magyar, Germany.
Electrical motors, transducers and actuators, electromechanical drives, power electronics, robotics and mechatronics

TPC-7: Control Systems.
Co-Chairs: Alexander Fradkov, Russia & Frank Allgower, Germany.
Theory, design and implementation of control systems, encompassing components and their integration in the construction of such systems

TPC-8: History of Electrotechnology.
Co-Chairs: Larisa Zolotinkina, Russia & Jacob Baal-Schem, Israel.
History of electrical and radio engineering, electronics, information technology

TPC-9: Information and Measurement Technology.
Co-Chairs: Dmitry Lukianov, Russia & Helmut Sorg, Germany.
Electric and electronic instruments, systems and standards, included transducers and automated controls to measure, monitor, process and record physical phenomena in time and frequency domain

TPC-10: Micro and Nano Systems
Chair: Valentine Afanasiev, Russia.
Theory, design and development of micro and nanotechnology and its scientific, engineering and industrial applications

TPC-11: Broadcast and Consumer Systems
Co-Chairs: Sergey Baranov, Russia & Dmitry Tkachenko, Russia.
Broadcast and Consumer Electronics Technologies and Software

TPC-12: Signal and image processing.
Chair: Alexander Sergienko, Russia.
Theory and implementation of signal processing systems; signal processing for communications; image processing; speech and multimedia signal processing; signal processing education

TPC-13: Electromagnetic compatibility and power quality.
Chair: Georgy Tsitsikian, Russia.
Power and information systems interaction. Electromagnetic interferences and its compensation methods and technology.

TPC-14: Radars.
Co-Chairs: Igor Immoreev, Russia & Nikolay Kolchigin, Ukraine.
Traditional radars, Multistatic systems, GPR radars, UWB radars. Imaging Radars. Use of the radars in civil and defense areas.

TPC-15: Electroheat technologies.
Co-Chairs: Yuri Blinov, Russia, Sergio Lupi, Italy & Bernard Nacke, Germany.
Innovative energy saving processes. Use of electromagnetic fields in metallurgy. Multiphysics modelling in electroheat.

TPC-16: Communications.
Chair: Anatoliy Jastrebov, Russia.
The science, engineering and technology for transferring information by the use of signals.

The above listed topics do not exclude submission and presentation of papers from other specific IEEE fields

Full paper submission  	September 30, 2008
Paper acceptance notification 	December 31, 2008
Camera-ready papers 	February 28, 2009

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