ESR - 7-8 2017 : European Science Review Journal 7-8/2017

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ESR - 7-8 2017 : European Science Review Journal 7-8/2017
ESR - 7-8 2017 : European Science Review Journal 7-8/2017
Dates 1970/01/01 (iCal) - 2017/07/28
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Important dates
Submissions: 2017/08/30
Table of Contents

The journal is registered and published in Austria.

Articles in humanities, social sciences, engineering and natural sciences are published in the journal. Journal is published in English only. Example of output data of an article – Mark, Smith. Humanitarian approaches to the Periodic Law // European science review, «East West» Association for Advanced Studies and Higher Education GmbH. Vienna. 1-2, 2017, - Pp. 112-117.


6 issues per year. Articles are accepted till the 30th day of the months:

Till the 28th of February Till the 30th of April Till the 30th of June Till the 30th of August Till the 30th of October Till the 30th of December The journal is intended for students, graduate students, postgraduate students, postdoctoral students, recent graduates, teachers, academic researchers and practitioners.

DOI numbers will be assigned to all publications of the “East West” Association starting from February 2016. The agreement was signed with Crossref, DOI’s official registration agency. The prefix number of our publishing house is 10.20534, you can find us in the members list on the Crossref website

Included to the open access repositories:

Term of distribution of electronic layout of publication – up to 30 days after the last day of reception of articles for the current issue, distribution of printed copies – up to 15 working days upon approval of electronic layout.

Journal is published on the Open Access basis. Part edition of publication is sent to the National Library of Austria and to the libraries of the largest higher education institutions of Austria.

Sections In Journals

Agriculture Anthropology Architecture Biology Biotechnologies Chemistry Demography and ethnography Economics and Management Engineering sciences in general Geography Geodesy Geology History and archaeology Informatics Journalism Legal studies Machine engineering Materials science Mathematics Mechanics Medicine Pedagogy Philology and linguistics Philosophy Physics Political science Psychology Regional studies and human geography Religion studies Sociology Study of art and cultural studies Transportation


Lucas Koenig, Austria, Doctor of Economics

International editorial board Abdulkasimov Ali, Uzbekistan, Doctor of Geography

Adieva Aynura Abduzhalalovna, Kyrgyzstan, Doctor of Economics

Arabaev Cholponkul Isaevich, Kyrgyzstan, Doctor of Law

Zagir V. Atayev, Russia, Ph.D. of of Geographical Sciences

Akhmedova Raziyat Abdullayevna, Russia, Doctor of Philology

Balabiev Kairat Rahimovich, Kazakhstan, Doctor of Law

Barlybaeva Saule Hatiyatovna, Kazakhstan, Doctor of History

Bestugin Alexander Roaldovich, Russia, Doctor of Engineering Sciences

Bogolib Tatiana Maksimovna, Ukraine, Doctor of Economics

Bondarenko Natalia Grigorievna, Russia, Doctor of Philosophy

S.R.Boselin Prabhu, India, Doctor of Engineering Sciences

Bulatbaeva Aygul Abdimazhitovna, Kazakhstan, Doctor of Education

Chiladze George Bidzinovich, Georgia, Doctor of Economics, Doctor of Law

Dalibor M. Elezović, Serbia, Doctor of History

Gurov Valeriy Nikolaevich, Russia, Doctor of Education

Hajiyev Mahammad Shahbaz oglu, Azerbaijan, Doctor of Philosophy

Ibragimova Liliya Ahmatyanovna, Russia, Doctor of Education

Blahun Ivan Semenovich, Ukraine, Doctor of Economics

Ivannikov Ivan Andreevich, Russia, Doctor of Law, Doctor of Political Sciences

Jansarayeva Rima, Kazakhstan, Doctor of Law

Khubaev Georgy Nikolaevich, Russia, Doctor of Economics

Khurtsidze Tamila Shalvovna, Georgia, Doctor of Law

Kvinikadze Giorgi, Azerbaijan, Doctor of Geographical sciences

Khoutyz Zaur, Russia, Doctor of Economics

Khoutyz Irina, Russia, Doctor of Philology

Korzh Marina Vladimirovna, Russia, Doctor of Economics

Kocherbaeva Aynura Anatolevna, Kyrgyzstan, Doctor of Economics

Kushaliyev Kaisar Zhalitovich, Kazakhstan, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Lekerova Gulsim, Kazakhstan, Doctor of Psychology

Melnichuk Marina Vladimirovna, Russia, Doctor of Economics

Meymanov Bakyt Kattoevich, Kyrgyzstan, Doctor of Economics

Moldabek Kulakhmet, Kazakhstan, Doctor of Education

Morozova Natalay Ivanovna, Russia, Doctor of Economics

Moskvin Victor Anatolevich, Russia, Doctor of Psychology

Nagiyev Polad Yusif, Azerbaijan, Ph.D. of Agricultural Sciences

Naletova Natalia Yurevna, Russia, Doctor of Education

Novikov Alexei, Russia, Doctor of Education

Salaev Sanatbek Komiljanovich, Uzbekistan, Doctor of Economics

Shadiev Rizamat Davranovich, Uzbekistan, Doctor of Education

Shhahutova Zarema Zorievna, Russia, Ph.D. of Education

Soltanova Nazilya Bagir, Azerbaijan, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D. of History)

Spasennikov Boris Aristarkhovich, Russia, Doctor of Law, Doctor of Medicine

Simonyan Gevorg Sarkisovich, Armenia, Ph.D. of Chemical Sciences

Suleymanov Suleyman Fayzullaevich, Uzbekistan, Ph.D. of Medicine

Suleymanova Rima, Russia, Doctor of History

Tereschenko-Kaidan Liliya Vladimirovna, Ukraine, Doctor of Philosophy

Tsersvadze Mzia Giglaevna, Georgia, Doctor of Philology

Tolochko Valentin Mikhaylovich, Ukraine, Doctor of Medicine

Vijaykumar Muley, India, Doctor of Biological Sciences

Yurova Kseniya Igorevna, Russia, Ph.D. of History

Zhaplova Tatiana Mikhaylovna, Russia, Doctor of Philology

Zhdanovich Alexey Igorevich, Ukraine, Doctor of Medicine

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